Usage of Plastic Rice in Many Hotels in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


Plastic Rice makes scare in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Plastic Rice first it was a small rumor in Social Media like Facebook and Whats app. Three days ago people confirmed that usage of Plastic Rice is not a rumor. Three days ago in one hotel at Saroornagar they used Plastic Rice in Biryani. After the incident at saroornagar many people are complaints on Hotels who are using Plastic Rise. Slowly complaints has been increased and Telengana State Civil Supplies had taken action on June 6th Tuesday. Telengana State Civil Supplies had collected all the samples from hotels. Sample results will be done on Wednesday June 7th. Many people are waiting for Plastic Rice results.

And another report from Meerpet had panicked many people in Telangana and in Andhra Pradesh. Ashok who stays in Meerpet with his family. From many days his family is suffering from Stomach pain. One day he observed his rice and he thought about that rumors and he checked once again the rice which he brought from near by general store in Meerpet. After that he confirmed that it is Plastic Rice then he gave a complaint in Merrpet PS. And then many complaints has came from many places in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. So Telengana State Civil Supplies had collected samples from many hotels and grocery store.


Tests to find Plastic Rice:

  • The Fungus Test: After boiling the rice take some boiled rice and place it in a closed container for 2-3 days if it molds it is not Plastic Rice. If it doesn’t mold then it is Plastic Rice
  • Water Test: Before boiling the rice take a cup of water and pour some rice in that cup. If the rice floats on water then it is Plastic Rice.
  • Hot Oil Test: After Boling rice take bowl and boil Oil. after some time keep the boiled rice in hot oil if the rice melts then it is Plastic Rice.

After collecting the samples Telengana State Civil Supplies take a severe action among the hotels and grocery store who are using Plastic Rice.

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