PM Modi Visits US to Meet US President Donald Trump on June 26


On June 25th to June 26th Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visit US to Meet US President Donald Trump. Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj said this news to media on Monday that “US President Donald Trump had invited Narendra Modi to Visit US so Narendra Modi is going to meet Donald Trump on June 26th at Washington DC”.

This will be his 5th trip to US but he did not went even one time to US after Donald Trump became President to US. After January 20th 2017 this is the first time Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting to US. As per news Narendra Modi will fly on June 25th to Washington DC and on June 26th he meets with US president Donald Trump.  Many people in US and India waiting for this moment. There are many equation problems for Indians in US. By this meeting some problems will be decreased. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump meets one on one by diplomatic. They talk to each other on June 26th 2017 at Washington DC and what they had discussed will be known on June 26th. So, we have to wait till June 26th for more updates.

Their discussion will make big changes in India and Indian people who are staying at US. On Press meet Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj said that Modi will raise many issues when he meets Donald Trump including security issues with Pakistan terrorism and many other national issues. We have to wait till June 26th to know what they had discussed. This is the first time Narendra Modi is visiting to US after US elections. Modi after becoming Prime Minister of India he visited US for 4 times and now it will be 5th time to visit US. On June 25th and June 26th Prime Minister of India is visiting US to meet Donald Trump.

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