Panda Solar Power Plant in China, Datong : Capacity of 100MW can provide 3.2 Billion Kw-H for 25 Years


Panda Solar Power Plant in China, Datong : China is one of the biggest country in the World. China always attracts the world with its new Technology and its Tourism. Now recently China had designed a Solar Power-plant and the new thing is the solar’s which are used in Power plant are placed and shaped as Giant Panda. Now this Power plant had become trend in all social media websites. In all the Solar power plants in the world are arranged in row for the first time China Merchants New Energy Group CEO Alan Li had designed Datong Power plant in the shape of Giant Panda.

China Merchants New Energy Group CEO had replied to media about this Panda Solar Power plant that “By designing the solar power station into the pattern of a panda, we aim to stimulate teenagers interest and enthusiasm for solar energy application”. Capacity of panda solar power plant is 100 Mega Watts and it can provide 3.2 Billion Kilo watt per hour for 25 years. And it was built in 250 acres of place. The company had said that this is equivalent to 1.056 million tons of coal, or reducing 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

This project can reduce 2.74 million tons of Carbon dioxide Panda Solar Power Plant is backed up by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Now in Social media websites like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram and Twitter this Panda Solar Power Plant is becoming trend. Many people are attracted by this plant. And many countries are planning to build a power plant in different shape. China is famous for Giant Panda’s so this is the reason Power Plant is Shaped in Panda.

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