New Record in Yoga(Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana) Done by 13 Years Old Girl in Mysore


Yoga is both physical and mental exercise for our body. Now a days many people are following Yoga. There are many umber of yogasana’s many of them do many types of yogasana’s but in Mysore 13 year old girl made a new world record in yogasana’s. On Sunday in the presence of Golden Book Of records members at Community hall of Mysuru’s RBI Nagar Kushi done one yogasana and she changed the world record and made new record.

Khushi was just 13 years old girl made many amazing things in Yoga. After her performance many people who watched the show appreciated her. And after performing Golden Book Of records members said that Khushi had made a new world record ad entered her name in Golden book of Records. This was amazing a 13 years old girl made a new record in Yoga.

“Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana” this is one of the hardest Yogasana’s Khushi did this Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana 15 times in a minute (60 Seconds). After her performance Khushi had said that ” I want to make many records in Yoga and she wants to become IAS officer in future at the same time she wants to teach Yoga”. Khushi parents were so happy that they daughter name had entered in Golden book of Records. Khushi father is an RBI Officer Hemachandra he said that Khushi had done 13 times in a minute while practicing but in the show she had done it in 15 times. This will be the greatest record in yoga. In the small age Khushi had an issue with breathing then after she joined in a Yoga acadamy now she is fine.

Khushi has got many International Medals.  In 2014 Khushi had won Silver medal in International Yoga competition in China. In 2016 Khushi had won 2 Gold medals and 2 silver medals in 4 events.



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