NASA Appoints “Planetary Protection Officer to Defend Earth From Aliens”


Planetary Protection Officer to Defend Earth From Aliens: US Government Officially said that NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Hiring people for new job and the job is Planetary Protection Officer. US Government had also kept an last date to apply Planetary Protection Officer job in NASA and the last date for application is on August 14th 2017. NASA will pay 6 digit salary for Planetary Protection Officer. NASA appointing Planetary Protection Officer to Defend Earth From Aliens. People ho are selected for Planetary Protection Officer NASA pays $124,406 to $187,000 per year. Planetary Protection Officer is a 3 years position and it will be increased to five years.

Qualification for Planetary Protection Officer job in NASA:

  • Candidates must have at least one year experience in Top Level Government employee in US.
  • Advance degree in Physical Science.
  • Advance Degree in Mathematics or Engineering.
  • Candidates who leaves in US they can apply for Planetary Protection Officer job in NASA.

At present NASA with the help of US Government they are hiring people for Planetary Protection Officer’s. Their are many similar jobs slowly NASA will declare jobs one by one.

NASA had declared new two jobs and they are to protect Earth from potential contamination by planets like Mars. Recently scientists are saying that Mars  is covered with water and some supported life’s are found. NASA searching for life in Europa. Europa is the moon of Jupiter. The new Planetary Protection Officers should prepare and they have to find wether Europa Moon of Jupiter Planet is suitable for humans life. $ 2.7 Billions had approved by Congress for NASA new mission and the new mission is Europa Clipper Mission.

Candidates who would select for Planetary Protection Officer job in NASA they should travel frequently to Mars and Europa and they should protect earth from Aliens. Planetary Protection Officers get Security Clearance. But only US Citizen and People who lives in US Nation can apply for Planetary Protection Officers.

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