Growatt donates solar unit of its invertor to ICF


Growatt, a Chinese based manufacturer of solar pv inverters has announced that it has donated one unit of its pv inverter, Growatt 20KTL3-S to the Indore Cancer Foundation charitable trust (ICF) for its rooftop solar power project. ICF is a non profitable trust established in 1988. Keeping its major focus on head and neck cancers, which is mostly common in male adults in India, ICF has announced for a solar roof top. This project is mainly to reduce carbon footprints and to power the facility with pure solar energy.

Solar initiative

ICF has initiated for a 20KW solar rooftop. On learning about the initiative, Growatt has responded by donating a unit of pv inverter. Not only by donating it has been helpful to the ICF, but it also has worked with other agents and was helpful in finishing the project. The 20KW rooftop thereby now has been installed and connected to the grid. The 20KW rooftop is subjected to produce 32,000kwh annually.

Growatt has been committed to social responsibility ever since its foundation. Growatt responds to many social and charitable responsibilities and has been a part of many poverty reduction projects. The example of Growatt’s donation to ICF is another remarkable of Growatt to the society. Growatt has entered the Indian markets in 2011. M

Frank Qiao, who is Growatt’s co founder and sales director says “Growatt has entered the Indian solar markets in 2011. After years of growth we are one of the top brands in solar market. Growatt is committed to social responsibility and we are honored to make this donation and contribute to the rooftop solar plant project of ICF.” The ICF too expressed their special thanks to Growatt for donating the inverter.

With great responsibilities comes great success and Growatt’s lead in success in the solar market is such an example.

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