Death Toll rises to 60 Children in Gorakhpur BRD Medical College since August 7th

Around 60 deaths were reported from August 7th in Baba Raghav Das hospital of Gorakhpur. Hospital officials reported that 21 deaths were registered only in the last 36 hours amounting to 60 deaths as total. Inadequate supply of liquid oxygen is being observed as the primary cause.


Gorakhpur BRD Medical College, UP: Gaurav Rautela, the district magistrate of Gorakhpur released an official statement that 60 children passed their life in Baba Raghav Das medical college that is run by the Government. The reason for deaths was still not announced.

As the news came as a shock to everyone, the Health minister and Government are being tight lipped about the incident and are denying any reasons of misconduct with the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Since August 7th, at least 60 children were reported to be dead in Gorakhpur BRD Medical college. According to Gorakhpur SP, 21 deaths happened only in the last 24 hours.

Though many media websites and inside reports suggested that the deaths occurred due to the inadequate supply of oxygen, the real reason is still not revealed. The total number of deaths in the last 36 hours was totalled at 21.

A detailed report on the deaths was released by Gaurav Rautela that said “17 children died in the Neo-natal ward, 5 in AES ward and 8 in General ward in the past 2 days. Another 23 deaths were reported in between 9-10 and 7 deaths were reported last midnight”.

The family members of the children are blaming the Hospital due to it’s inefficiency but aren’t in a state to take any action. When asked if the deaths were due to delayed payment of Oxygen cylinders, the district magistrate court replied that part payment of Rs.70 lakhs was already made to the contractor. But it was evident that this is the main cause as hospital staff reported that “There are already 50 Oxygen cylinders in the hospital, another 100-150 cylinders are being monitored and will be brought soon”.

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Inadequate supply of liquid oxygen was reported as the primary cause for the deaths. The health ministry and hospital officials have not yet revealed any main cause of the incident.

The incident gave rise to political clashes in UP and the opposition parties reacted on the incident with harsh comments. Samajwadi Party and Congress party members demanded that the BJP state health minister of Gorakhpur should be suspended immediately.

According to BRD authorities, abnormal casualties began on August 7th where children in the paediatric department showed no response to treatment. The deaths began from this period and from then, around 60 deaths were reported among Children in different wards. The unavailability of liquid oxygen was reported as the primary cause.

The incident happened just 2 days after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s visit to Gorakhpur in the matters of health affairs. He visited Gorakhpur before 2 days to plan committee and force the officials of Gorakhpur to develop much better hospitals and take care in health matters.

As per now, oxygen cylinders are being borrowed from nearby Sant Kabir Nagar district and other neighbourhood hospitals to provide the remaining children with liquid oxygen.

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