30 Lockers had been Stolen in Punjab National Bank Modinagar


30 Lockers had been Stolen in Punjab National Bank Modinagar. No one knows the exact value of that 30 Lockers it would easily be crores. Robber entered from back side of Strongroom. Behind Strongroom there was an empty room in bank. Robber first kept a two feet hole to the empty room wall from outside and then he entered inside the bank and on Monday robber cut the above wall of strongroom and robbed 30 lockers in Punjab National Bank in Modinagar.

In Strongroom there are 450 plus lockers among all the lockers robber had robbed 30 lockers the exact value of 30 lockers will be know tomorrow. There is no one single evidence for police the robbed had planed perfectly and robbed the bank. As it is weekend no one is present in the bank. The bank was closed on Friday evening 6 P.M and again bank was opened on Monday. Anil is the man first who identified that bank has been robbed by some one. The next minute Bank Manager had informed to near by police station.


Among the 30 Lockers which as robbed by robber one locker is belongs to Mukesh Goyal. He said to media that “My wife had put all her jewellery into the locker. She had been operating it. She had also put other valuables and important documents into it.We have no idea if we will ever be able to get it back”.

Police had went through the hole from empty room and outside the hole police had observed that there are many houses which belongs to Modi Spinning & Weaving Mills Employees’ Union. Now Modinagar police are facing a big problem to find robber. Police can’t say clearly about this robbery. But definetly they will catch robber and return all the money, jewellery and important papers to bank.

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