Simply wear your mouse on your finger!

Simply wear your mouse on your finger!

How about turning your entire table into a mouse pad. how about not needing a mouse-pad altogether. The Padrone mouse ring lets you do just that. Its a ring you wear on the index finger, you can move around the screen by moving your hand, you can left click using your index finger and right click using your middle finger. Scroll using both your fingers like how you do in a laptop touch-pad.

The Swiss tech company-Padrone began working on the ring in 2014, they had developed several prototypes but could not garner investment. The 3 founders of the company- Thomas, Nicolas and Marc then decided to be more adventurous with the design and by February 2017 they were back in business.

According to one of the founders the ring can also be used for gaming, in fact it has a slightly higher latency (mouse sensitivity to movement) than normal gaming mouses.

The ring comes in 12 different sizes and is even customizable on special orders. The ring connects to any device on low-energy Bluetooth so one doesn’t have to worry about frying the circuit if left on for too long.

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