Samsung galaxy S10 Prices Revealed | 12 GB RAM overpriced at 1,23,000

Samsung galaxy S10 Prices Revealed | 12 GB RAM overpriced at 1,23,000

Are you looking forward to the launch of Samsung galaxy S10 series. Well we have the latest scoop regarding perspective prices of this flagship phone.The Internet has been awash with rumors regarding its specs, features,battery etc. Also Samsung will supposedly unveil its first fold able phone on this day. But we cant allow ourselves to be led astray by rumors.

 So lets start with what we know first. The samsung Galaxy S10 will have three iterations namely S10, S10E, S10 plus. Lets start with the S10b first, it will have two variants. The first model will have 6 GB ROM plus 128 GB RAM. It is priced at that Rs 73,700. We can confirm that this variant will come in four colors black, Green, White and Blue. The other model will have 8GB RAM and a whooping 256 GB memory priced at a cool 94,200 rupees.

Now coming  to the S10 plus. It will have three models. The first will feature a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM priced at 81,900 rupees. Since its RAM and ROM are identical to the first S10 model, we are sure that it is bound to have some extra goodies to justify the higher price. Its second model  will feature a 8GB RAM and 256 GB ROM and it is priced at an eye popping 1,02,000. Though we are sure that it is worth every penny.

The S10 plus next reincarnation will most definetly blow your mind. Get ready, Are you ready? Here it comes -the third version of S10 plus will have 12 GB RAM and 1 TB memory. Yep you heard it right 1 TB as in 1024 Gigabytes plus a 12 GB RAM. Now that’s faster than most computers I know. I don’t know about yours but my laptop will cry in envy when I buy this phone which by the way is priced at  1,23,000 rupees. It will come in two colors ceramic black and ceramic white.

There is still one more variant of S10 left and that is the S10 E. This phone is meant to give the Iphone XR reporteldy called the most affordable iphone in India, a run for its money. It is priced at 61,400 rupees. The Iphone XR  however is priced at 76,900 rupees.  The S10 will have 6 GB RAM+128 GB ROM. 6 GB RAMS are sure becoming the norm these days. The day wont be far behind when having a 6 GB RAM on your phone is nothing worth bragging about.

So which version of the S10 have you set your hearts on? Whichever it is, You don’t have to wait long. The S10 series is reportedly ready to be unveiled come February 20 in San Francisco.

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