Moto G7 Plus Images leaked

Moto G7 Plus Images leaked

Motorola is soon expected to make an announcement on its Moto G7 line up pretty soon. The internet has been buzzing with rumors about the phones specs and now we can put some of those rumors to rest. The images were posted on a Facebook Group showing the very first pics of the highly anticipated phone. According to sources four new devices are likely to be unveiled-Standard Moto G7, Moto G7 Power and Moto G7 play.

The leaked images confirm previous rumors that the device does look like its previous iterations. It comes with a 6.2 inch display with FHD+(Full HD plus for those of you not in the know) resolution and a small dewdrop notch up top. The display panel has a 18:9 aspect ratio with Moto referring to this brand new display as “Tele Max Vision”. The back of the phone features a glossy red layer that is quite sleek and edgy.

The rear panel comes with a fingerprint sensor and a horizontally mounted dual camera set up. The processor is an octa core processor logged at 1.8 GHz. The processor is most likely to be the Snap Dragon 660. The leaked photos show that it comes with OIS or Optical Image Stabilization which can capture higher resolution images.

moto g7 plus menu

The charging is 27 watts dash charging a significant improvement over its previous models which featured a 15 watt dash charging. Even the OnePlus 6T only comes with 20 watt dash charging. So in the charging department it has left its rivals in the dust. The leaked photos featured a 64 GB ROM paired with a 4 GB RAM. Other variants are likely available and haven’t been unveiled yet. The specifications in the leaked photos are written in Spanish leaving the possibility of a Brazil Launch in January 7 quite high.

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