Lights up like magic!

Lights up like magic!

According to their website this lamp has been “painstakingly crafted to the finest detail”. The bulb hangs from the lamp which is only held by a magnetic field that can combat the earth’s gravitational pull.

The bulb can be removed and carried anywhere. In case one wonders how the electricity passes through the magnetic field to the bulb, it actually doesn’t, the bulb uses a kind of Bluetooth technology to turn on and off.

If by accident someone hits the bulb whilst its hanging it would immediately attach to the above magnetic surface.

The base is made of genuine Carrarra or finest Marquine(which are both marble by the way) and has an anti-slip and anti-scratch rubberised support.

Levia lamp is run using 3 electronic boards placed in each crucial component of the lamp’s body. One is placed in the lightbulb, one is placed in the base and the third one is placed in the levitation system.

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