Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers of 2019 in India

Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers of 2019 in India

It used to be that while throwing a party, first you needed to scrounge up your favorite CD’s or make a party mix, hunt for loud speakers then plug in all the devices at one place setting up a potential fire hazard. Well you need not do any of these things anymore. All you need to do is get a good Bluetooth speaker, connect it to your phone, call your friends over and voila you have all the makings of a great party. A Bluetooth speaker is a device that lets you connect to your phones or laptops via Bluetooth. You can stream songs, watch you favorite movies really loud. There is one hiccup however, Bluetooth devices are notoriously limited in range even the latest Bluetooth devices offer you limited range where as WiFi speakers give you far greater range. Bluetooth speakers start to stutter once you move far away from the source.

Nevertheless a good bluetooth device offers you more than just good sound. There are plenty of things you should keep in mind while buying bluetooth devices. First thing is placement where you keep your bluetooth device mattersa great deal. Make sure your bluetooth device offers the best connectivity and that it comes equipped with the latest bluetooth version. A good speaker lets you connect with two or three devices simultaneously. A lot of bluetooth devices come with online music services. Also Check that your bluetooth device has the standard USB port for charging. Charging with some obscure pin can be a pain especially if you end up losing the charger.The latest bluetooth devices come with microphones letting you take calls and even give voice commands.

Now lets move onto the latest most affordable bluetooth devices in India

JBL Flip 4 Speakers a portable Bluetooth speaker with booming stereo sound. It is made up of durable,waterproof materials meaning that rainy skies are unlikely to put a damper on your festive mood. It also features a built in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone allowing for smooth telephonic conversations. A 100 or so such speakers can be connected together creating a concert or DJ like atmosphere.

Sony SRS XB41 Speakers-lets you listen to music in an arena like atmosphere with is 3D surround sound.  It also has multi colored flashing lights that literally flash to the beat. It is also dust proof, shock proof and water proof so don’t be afraid to have a wild time with it. Don’t worry it can handle it. It is also bundled with Sony Live Music App and Feistable App.

Logitech X300 bluetooth Speakers- offers mindblowing bass and clear cut high and mid range sound.It’s range is upto a whopping 30 feet.

Anker Soundcore Flare with a wireless range of around 66 feet and excellent sound quality. It is also weather proof and has a battery life of over 12 hours. It doesn’t have usb charging however.

Bose Soundlink Color II this speaker is weatherproof with a battery life of 8 hours and range upto 30 feet.

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