A bag one could never lose, that would never let you lose things either.

A bag one could never lose, that would never let you lose things either.

A Lumzag backpack, created by Lumzag Inc based in San Fransisco, California aims to solve all the problems related to backpacks and its items within.

Not only will it be waterproof but also have the following features:-

  1. A wireless built-in phone charger with 10000 mAh .
  2. A removable power bank located in a smart box making the bag TSA friendly.
  3. The bag is made out of the non-stretch, ultra-flexible material called Carbitex CX6 which has the highest tensile strength among all commercially available fibres.
  4. Interior lights so you can pick out stuff easily from your bag.
  5. It also has a missing item reminder. There are special sensors that track the number of items in the bag and the shape of each item.
  6. An ‘open alert’ reminder. Get notified when some stranger is opening your bag. A high pitched alarm is activated when the distance between you and your bag is maximum.
  7. The bag is fitted with a GPS tracker, so in case one misplaces it he can easily find its location through a smartphone app.
  8. A rear view camera that helps you check if someone is stalking you.
  9. It also has a WiFi hotspot.
  10. Lastly it also has solar panels layered on top of it in case you want to charge your Smart Box (power bank) naturally.

The bag comes in 3 variants ‘the crossbody’, ‘the messenger’ and ‘the backpack’ as shown in the above picture.

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