Nandyal bypoll elections in Andhra Pradesh had begin between Bhuma Bramananda Reddy(TDP) and Shilpa Mohan Reddy(YSRCP)


Nandyal bypoll Elections: In Nandyal bypoll election was started today morning 7 A.M and ends on 6 P.M. Nandyal bypoll elections was held Due to the death of Nandyal sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy. Actually in 2014 when Elections was held he was in YSRCP party in 2016 he had jumped into TDP. As his sudden death government has conducting Nandyal bypoll elections. Today on 23rd August 2017 bypoll election was held and on 28th August 2017 Results of Nandyal by-poll elections will be declared. Bhuma Bramananda Reddy(TDP) and Shilpa Mohan Reddy(YSRCP) has huge competition and both the members has huge expectations we have to wait till August 28th to know who will be the sitting MLA of Nandyal.


  • Nandyal bypoll elections will be the test for Congress Party in 2019 Elections.
  • Around 260 People are arrested and around 1 Crore rupees were seized.
  • Nandyal bypoll Election had made small fire between TDP and YSRCP party members.
  • 144 Section has been implemented.
Nandyal bypoll election news
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Nandyal bypoll elections in Andhra Pradesh:

On Wednesday at 7 A.M Nandyal bypoll elections had started and it will end on 6 P.M. Candidates who had been selected from each party are Bhuma Bramananda Reddy from TDP,  Shilpa Mohan Reddy from YSRCP and Abdul Khader from Congress.

  • It will be the test for Congress party for 2019 elections in Andra Pradesh. If Abdul Khader from Congress is not nominated as Nandyal MLA then Congress has no hopes in 2019 general elections. As now in many states, Congress has lost its power and the last hope for Congress party is Andra Pradesh. So, Nandyal Elections will be the main test for Congress Party in 2019 Elections.
  • While Nandyal bypoll elections were held police had arrested around 260 members and seized around more than 1 crore rupees and more than 2000 liters of liquor has been seized by Nandyal Police.
  • Nandyal bypoll elections had become a tuff competition between TSRCP and TDP. For just one seat both the parties had made huge controversies. All the people have a hope that Bhuma Bramananda Reddy from TDP or Shilpa Mohan Reddy from YSRCP will be nominated as MLA of Nandyal.
  • In Nandyal Police had implemented 144 sections for Two days. 144 section was started tomorrow and ends at today night when the election will complete.

On Wednesday Nandyal bypoll Elections are conducted many people who are eligible for vote are voting and the results of Nandyal bypoll elections will be declared on 28th August 2017. We have to wait till 28th August to know who will be next MLA of Nandyal.

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