RGV’s Vangaveeti Review, Rating 3/5 stars: A Violent Biopic on Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga


Vangaveeti Review: Vangaveeti is Ram Gopal Varma’s comeback picture after all these failures. The biopic covers the life and conviction of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, a Political criminal and his reign on Vijayawadaa state in Andhra Pradesh. After the successful Raktha Charitra, RGV’s much awaited gangster thriller is here and check our review to see if it’s RGV’s comeback.

Vangaveeti Review:

Vangaveeti stars Sandeep Kumar, Naina Ganguly in lead roles as the wife and husband in Vangaveeti. Naina Ganguly has a good career if she continues with these type of roles. Sandeep Kumar as Vangaveeti Ranga Rao is convincing enough but that should matter most to the residents of Vijayawada.

Vangaveeti is directed beautifully and as a RGV Classic movies. The dark and gritty feeling appears from the first frame itself and the slow motion visuals are captured well to enhance emotion in the characters. The cinematography has the grace of a 90’s classic. The dialogue is multi layered and can be difficult for some audience to cope with.

Ram Gopal Varma didn’t direct a serious crime thriller, or in fact any movie with some actual story in a long time, and this movie has a good story. The question remains how the audience from other states would connect to this biopic drama. The supporting characters played by Vamsi Nakkanti, Kautilya, ShriTej are convincing as the supporters and traitors in the story. The movie also copes with issues of what goes in the mind of a gangster’s wife and how she would deal her normal life.

The violence:

In recent times, apart from the mindless blasts that happen in commercial movies, this movie has real violent deaths that a RGV classic must have. The violence is raw and to the face.


  • The cinematography
  • Acting of Sandeep Kumar and Naina Ganguly
  • Screenplay
  • Real Violence
  • Dialogues
  • Slow burn


  • Pacing of the film
  • Duration of the film
  • Violence(A negative for Family audience)

Vangaveeti Rating- 3/s stars

Firstly, is this RGV’s comeback movie?It definitely is. It had  very good cinematography, very good dialogues and script but is it greater than RakthaCharitra or in the same lines of that? It doesn’t have to be.

Vangaveeti is the story of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, and the story though has the similar tones of loss and betrayal, has very different emotions than Raktha Charitra. Vangaveeti is a more personal story between 2-3 characters. The wife, the husband and his friends. There are other gangs that make Vangaveeti their enemy and the story moves towards climax from there.

Vangaveeti Rating has 3 stars for Direction, Violence and Acting of the main cast.

Vangaveeti hit or flop:

Vangaveeti has a huge buzz among audience and RGV fans. Vangaveeti sure is RGV’s comeback film and watch it for the raw violence. We do not recommend taking little children to the movie. The emotions are handled well and is an easy watch for native audience.

The duration of the film and film’s pacing are drawbacks of the film.

GO watch this weekend to see what the mysterious director is up to this time.

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