Patel SIR Movie Review(2/5): Overdone revenge Plot with a new flavour, Patel SIR Rating

Patel S.I.R promises to be an intense action thriller but falls flat in it's action scenes and story. The performances of Jagapathi Babu and Baby Doll make Patel S.I.R a one time watch this weekend. For amazing performances and emotional second half, we give Patel S.I.R rating 2 out of 5 stars.


Patel SIR Movie Review: Jagapathi Babu has come up with his new film named ‘Patel S.I.R’. Directed by Vasu Parimi, the movie is produced under Varahi Chalana Chitram banner. The film is presented by Sai Korrapati and stars Jagapathi Babu and Baby Dolly in lead roles. The film promised a lot of action filled with emotion in it’s trailers with JB’s rugged look that has style. Here is Patel S.I.R Movie Review and Rating.

Film: Patel S.I.R

Language: Telugu

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Padma Priya, Baby Dolly

Release date: July 14th, 2017

Rating: 2/5

Patel SIR Movie Review and Rating

Patel S.I.R is the recreation of a revenge plot that we’ve seen a hundred times now. The stakes may be different, but the revenge story is the same. Jagapathi Babu as Patel in his new look is fearsome but unfortunately, the story isn’t.

Story: Jagapathi Babu is an angry old man who is ruthless in his behaviour and operates as a criminal. He meets Baby Dolly(Kshanam fame), a cute girl whom he takes care of. Meanwhile, Baby Dolly is ill and needs treatment. Who’s the girl? Why is Jagapathi Babu the way he is now? What’s the backstory? Will Patel ever change back to normal? All these points form the rest of the story.

Patel SIR Movie Review

Jagapathi Babu’s new look got everyone exciting in the Telugu movie industry and audience alike. The trailers of the film suggested a action packed film with style and emotions. Patel S.I.R however falls flat on expectations with over the top violence and a very weak story at it’s core.

Whenever Jagapathi Babu takes on a role, I believe in it because that’s how good his acting skills are. They are used fully here in Patel S.I.R and every emotion of his believable except the romantic angle included in the story. The movie runs with the tagline ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and however cliche the tagline may sound, it still didn’t deliver anything unexpected. Posani Krishna Murali, Subbaraju, PrithviRaj, Prabahakar play supporting roles and played their part well.

Coming to the screenplay, the movie starts with an intense action scene in a Godown and we are introduced to Patel S.I.R as he is killing these people ruthlessly. We are then introduced to hallucinations of his daughter. As the movie goes on, Patel S.I.R finds people that are responsible for the death of his loved ones and kills them one by one. In the process, he meets Baby Dolly and how this little girl changed his life back to normal as he once was forms the rest of the second half.


The combination of Jagapathi Babu and Baby Doll is entertaining to watch on screen. Both the actors in the film do a good job of being cute and emotional at the same time. Padma Priya plays the love interest of Jagapathi Babu in his flashbacks. The main highlight of the film however is Jagapathi Babu who embodies the role of Patel S.I.R so well. He played both the roles of a ruthless criminal and emotional caretaker very well. Cinematography deserves a special mention as the movie looks beautiful. Music and BGM are average.


The main negative concern of the film however comes from it’s action scenes and weak story. The plot is overdone many times until now and nothing felt new except the look. Jagapathi Babu with his rugged look doesn’t look good romancing younger girls and romancing Padma Priya felt uncomfortable. The action scenes are lazy and for a movie that promises a lot of action, it is just over the top Gory action. The charecterization of Jagapathi Babu in the second half is incomplete as the story doesn’t give us valid reasons for his change. The climax is emotional and is different from endings that we’ve seen in revenge dramas.

Patel SIR Rating – 2/5 stars

Verdict: Overall, Patel S.I.R is a new attempt by Jagapathi Babu and debutant director Vasu Parimi that had a good story to tell but couldn’t tell it properly. Expect the Unexpected is the tagline and it means that as we go into the film expecting action and violence, we get character drama between all these characters.

Watch it for the performances of Jagapathi Babu and Baby Dolly, some good emotional character drama between both of them in the second half. Except those, Patel S.I.R is a revenge drama that’s weak both in it’s story and screenplay.

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