Ninnu Kori Review and Rating, Live updates(Spoiler Review) Telugu

Ninnu Kori fun first half and slow second half make the movie a one time weekend watch. Go with your loved ones and family as all these topics are talked about in the movie. Ninnu Kori is A fun filled Family film.


Ninnu Kori Review and Rating: Ninnu Kori is the new Telugu release this week starring Nani, Niveda Thomas, Aadhi Pinisetty in lead roles. The movie is released on July 7th, 2017 all over the world. The movie however debuted early in USA and here are Ninnu Kori Live Updates, Review and Rating in Telugu.

SPOILERS WARNING: These are live updates of actual scenes in the movie and this review will contain spoilers from the movie. If you do not want to know the story, plot or any scene related discussion of the movie, please do not read further. But, you can check our non-spoiler review of Ninnu Kori.

Ninnu Kori Live Updates

Here are the Live updates for Ninnu Kori Movie that are depicted along with Movie runtime.

Film runtime: 140 min

Beginning: Film begins with beautiful title credits.

10 min: Pallavi(Nivetha) is in no longer love with Arun(Aadhi) and leaves San Francisco to live with Nani(Uma) in Vizag.

20 min: Movie shifts to Vizag as flashback opens. Nani recalls his college love story with Pallavi. Love track from their college times begin.

30 min: “Unnattundi Gundey” song with Uma and Pallavi.

40 min: Uma and Pallavi fall in love but their love eventually leading to conflict about their careers.

50 min: ‘Adiga-Adiga’ song with soulful music and beautiful cinematography. Both Uma and Pallavi are thinking about their love life and what to do with it.

60 min: Uma leaves to Delhi for his career and Pallavi is emotionally broke after the breakup.

65 min: Screenplay shifts to USA as soon as they breakup in USA.

70 min: We are back again with Uma, Pallavi and Arun in San Francisco after the Cute love story Flashback between Uma and Pallavi.

INTERVAL – So far the movie is fun with the chemistry between Nani and Pallavi really reminding us of our lovable times. There are few comedy scenes in between and Ninnu Kori’s first half is simple without commercial elements.

80 min: Comedy conversations between Uma, Pallavi and Arun. Arun is starting to notice the togetherness between Uma and Pallavi.

90 min: “Breakup-Breakup” song.

100 min: Murali Sharma and Pruthviraj arrive to San Francisco to see Pallavi. Comedy tracks between Nani, Murali Sharma, Pruthviraj.

120 min: Pallavi is in no longer love with Arun and wants to live with Uma who left for Vizag.

130 min: Pallavi leaves for Vizag and Arun follows. Arun’s flashback of his past is revealed.

140: The film ends on a high emotional note with all the three actors putting out their best work.

Ninnu Kori Spoiler Review and Rating

Ninnu Kori again depends on their main characters to tell the story about unsettling emotions of the heart. The movie is already being labelled as a remake of 1999 Classic Bollywood film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and going after the similarities it is very much true.

The main highlight of the film is it’s first half. Director debutant Shiva Niravana played with the charming factor of Nani and Nivetha Thomas and used it in full scope. The love scenes, conversations with a hint of comedy are all woven neatly into the plot line. The two songs in first half “Unnattundi Gundey” and “Adiga Adiga” are both melodious and suit the mood of first half.

There are no fights, double meaning dialogues or item songs in the film. Nani chooses Class over mass this time and the result is a beautiful love story with it’s fair share of boring moments. The movie is clean and is a good movie to watch with family this weekend.

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