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Nakshatram Movie Review: Nakshatram is director Krishna Vamsi’s new film that runs along the lines of his previous films Khadgam and Mahatma. Nakshatram is a cop drama with full of commercial elements and dialogues about National duty. The film stars Sundeep Kishan and Sai Dharam Tej in lead roles along with a lot of interesting and upcoming talents. As Krishna Vamsi’s movies excite the audience, they have been waiting for Nakshtram review and rating from a long time.

The film released on August 4th, 2017 in theatres and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Here is our quick review of Nakshatram along with ratings, live updates and public response.

Nakshatram 2017 Movie Review, Rating, LIVE updates, Public response

Nakshatram is a political drama that speaks about everyone’s duty in serving their Nation. The film is Tag lined ‘Every police is a citizen in uniform’ and ‘Every citizen is a police in uniform’ which tells of the nature of the film.

Film to be reviewed: Nakshatram (2017)

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, Pragya Jaiswal

Language: Telugu

Censor: U/A

Release date: August 4th, 2017

Nakshatram Movie Story/Plot

Nakshatram has a lot of characters with main roles playing as Police officers. When Sundeep Kishan, who wants to be a Sub Inspector gets into a fight with Tanish, he fails in his exam. But out of desperation, he himself becomes a fake police and takes out criminals by his own. But when he gets involved with a criminal don ‘Alexander’, he gets caught in his fake avatar and the rest of the story follows how all the characters dealt with Sundeep Kishan in finding Alexander whom he doesn’t even know.

Nakshatram Movie Review

As Nakshatram(star) has 5 different sides, the movie has five different characters in it’s core. Sai Dharam Tej and Pragya Jaiswal as the police officers, Sundeep Kishan as the street wonder and Regina Cassandra as his love interest. Prakash Raj is the final side of Nakshatram and plays a responsible police officer. Krishna Vamsi’s films are known for his over the top family values or over the top reactive films. Nakshatram is one such film that tries to evoke National pride and respect out of us that it even forgets that it has a story to tell.

The basic plot of the film is to tell the greatness of our police in an over the top manner and Krishna Vamsi successfully makes Nakshatram an over the top film with a lot of sleaze. The leading ladies Regina Cassandra and Pragya Jaiswal are shown as a strong women in some scenes and in others, they are showing their seductive skills.

Nakshatram Movie Rating 2/5 stars

The dialogues in Nakshatram also get very loud during many times in the film and every character reacts huge for even simple answers. All the actors performed well in their roles, Sundeep Kishan being the main lead that moves the story forward. Pragya Jaiswal plays an FBI level agent that just shoots everyone that comes in her way. Sai Dharam Tej plays an action cop with a lot of fight scenes given to him.

Shreya Saran is given a special song that she pulls off well. All the songs including the heroines have a lot of skin show that is well known for people who knows the making of Krishna Vamsi. The songs are average and only seem watch worthy whenever the heroines are on screen. The biggest negative of the film however is it’s cinematography. Nakshatram looks like a film that is edited and graded on mobile giving it a rugged out, old fashioned look.

Overall verdict: Nakshatram is a pretty average cop thriller that doesn’t stand up to the marks of Khadgam or Mahatma. Sadly, The forced emotions and dialogues fail to make audience realise the greatness of Police. The movie may run in mass centres and drop in multiplexes.

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