Nani’s Majnu starring Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri

Directed by Virinchi Varma

Certificate – U/AUnderage audience can go the movies under the guidance of an adult

Hero Nani’s upcoming movie is Majnu. Majnu is a new South Indian releasing on 17th of this month. Virinchi Varmai is the director for this movie. Majnu is second film for him has a director. Virinchi Varma made this story very beautiful an he is only who did screenplay for this movie. Geetha Golla and P. Kiran are producer of this movie.

Majnu Movie has a tag line that is ‘Stop Drinking and Start Loving‘. Majnu Movie has very expectations because Nani from Last year he is doing good films and all the films are family entertainers. So Majnu movie has more expectations. In Majnu movie there are two Female lead actress they are Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri. This is the first time both the actress are doing movie with Nani.

Majnu movie audio released on September 4th 2016. Gopi Sunder is Music Director for Majnu movie. This is the 4th movie for him in Telugu and second film with Nani. In Majnu movie their are total 6 tracks. All the tracks are composed by Gopi Sunder.

Majnu tracks list :

Song Name Singer
Kallumoosi Suchit Suresan
Oorikey Ala Haricharan
Andamaina Rahul Nambiar
Jare Jare Naresh Iyer
Oye Meghamla Chinmayi
Aadara Ranjith

Majnu Review :

Majnu movie had completed Censor Board Certification and given U/A to Majnu movie. Majnu movie had completed Censor Board verification on September 11th 2016. And Majnu movie is releasing on September 17th 2016.  And Censor talk on Majnu movie is very good. They are talking that Majnu movie had got good story all the family can watch this movie. Some scenes had came best and the director had make the movie beautiful and colorful. We have to wait till September 17th 2016 to watch Majnu movie on Theaters.

Story :

Wiki: The film is about the romantic life of an assistant director Aditya (Nani) and his relationships with 2 women (Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri) while he attempts to write a romantic comedy story.

Nani is an assistant director working in movies and tries to become a director by writing his own romantic comedy story. In this process, he falls in love with Priya Shri. Nani’s meet with Priya Shri doesn’t go well in first impressions and they settle for being friends. Nani then falls in love with Anu Emmanuel, a college going traditional girl who Nani successfully turns into his love. When everything is going fine, Priya Shri enters his life and they three become best friends. As their relationship goes further, new twists keep coming between Nani and Anu Emmanuel which makes Nani doubt his position in the relationship.

Highlights :

  • Nani’s acting as fun loving assistant director
  • Anu Emmanuel characterization
  • Funny first half
  • Sentimental second half

Negatives :

  • Unnecessary comedy scenes
  • Duration of the movie

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Majnu Rating – 3.5/5

Nani’s Majnu Review, Rating, Nani’s Majnu Telugu movie Live updates, Public talk USA, UK, UAE, Final verdict :

Majnu didn’t have any promotions going on for the movie which made the movie an underdog among other films. The movie introduced two new heroines from other industries and Nani’s stardom didn’t affect the movie. Nani shined in his natural avatar and his natural mimics helped in giving the movie the initial energy. Even with a weak plot, the characterizations were strong and it made the movie an interesting watch. A bit emotional and dragging in the second half, you will leave the theater laughing and half satisfied.

Should you watch it?

It is definitely a weekend watch with your loved ones and friends and Nani’s acting makes it watchable yet again. There are no other big releases this weekend except Hindi movie ‘Banjo’.

Hit or Flop?

Nani has been delivering hits and box office wonders continuously by choosing to make different scripts, and it is a commendable watch for the family audience. Majnu will be an ‘audience hit‘.

Watch Majnu Full trailer :

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