Khaidi No. 150 is the 150th film for Chiranjeevi, a rather mega comeback with the movie releasing in thousands of theaters. The megastar of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is returning to the silver screen after much awaiting from his fans. Directed by V.V. Vinayak who has been delivering flops one after the other has been given another chance of proving his mettle as director with this film. Khaidi No. 150 is an official remake of tamil hit ‘Kaththi’ that starred Ilayathalapathy Vijay in lead role. The movie has been released on January 11, 2017 worldwide with premier shows starting early in the morning in certain theaters of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, also in USA. Here is our Khaidi No. 150 Movie review and Khaidi No. 150 movie rating from premier shows.

Film: Khaidi No. 150 (2017)

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action/Drama

Release Date: January 11, 2017.

Khaidi No. 150 movie review:

Megastar, Style and BGM with over the top action scenes.

Khaidi No.  150 has a mega treat for fans as Megastar Chiranjeevi is returning back with not one, but a double role. Chiranjeevi plays 2 roles in Khaidi no. 150 so there would be no doubt that fans would be ready to see Chiranjeevi in 2 roles. The film stars Kajal Aggarwal as Chiranjeevi’s love interest.

Quick Review of Khaidi No. 150: Though entertaining, all the commercial elements made the emotions skip from the movie making it a commercial mass entertainer rather than a honest attempt at storytelling.

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Khaidi no. 150 Story:

Chiranjeevi is a criminal in Chenchalguda central Jail(Hyderabad) and escapes after helping police catch another criminal. After escaping and on parole with his friend, Chiranjeevi encounters his doppelganger(double role) being shot by thugs. To escape from police parole, Chiranjeevi disguises himself as his doppelganger and goes to an old age home to live his life. He then encounters villagers whose only hope for irrigation and water supply was the petition filed by Chiranjeevi’s doppelganger. Moved by the villagers and their problems, Chiranjeevi(the Khaidi) solves all their problems in unique ways and highlights the issue to national media. Kajal Aggarwal plays the love interest of Khaidi. How did Khaidi help the villagers and what happened to his other doppelganger forms the rest of the story.

Highlights and Positives:

  • Boss is back(Chiranjeevi’s antics and moves)
  • Story
  • Songs and dance
  • BGM
  • Some emotional scenes with Villagers

Negatives and Minus points:

  • Interruption of songs in between Story
  • Over the top action scenes
  • Comedy sequences
  • Making the story of poor villagers commercial rather than keeping it serious
  • Editing

Khaidi No. 150 Rating – 3/5 stars

Our Khaidi No. 150 Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

This is apt remake staying true to the title of the film as the movie opens showing Chiranjeevi as a prisoner thus making him a Khaidi. The old Khaidi 786 film also had the same premise where Chiranjeevi had to change his character and prove his innocence. In this film also, Chiranjeevi tackles a serious subject of Farmers and their deaths thus giving him a scope of changing his character. The film has it’s brilliant moments in second half where Chiranjeevi plans with farmers to stop the water pipelines of the whole city. The movie also has it’s fair share of emotional scenes in it’s second half. Chiranjeevi settled as a brilliant actor, both as a Mass entertaining criminal and also as a well educated man with modern communism ideologies. The role of Corporate villain should be assigned to an Indian actor but the problem seemed too unreal when there are foreigners involved. Kajal Aggarwal has a limited scope in the story and provided love and glamour when necessary. Comedians like Ali, Brahmanandam are not of much humor or use to the story. In an attempt to satisfy the mass audience, the story telling has been weakened.

Chiranjeevi’s mega comeback and fluid dance moves will bring back the nostalgia of Megastar back to the silver screen and there are many whistle targeted moments that will for sure get some whistles. The only difference I waited for was, Why is this a comeback movie? Even if this is, Why is it being commercialized like any other mass entertainer? When the story is good, you do not need commercial elements pushed in for entertainment. Storytelling in an interesting way is Entertainment itself.

Khaidi No. 150 is a very good movie with a very good plot that falls prey to commercial elements.

3 Stars Khaidi No. 150 movie rating for Megastar Chiranjeevi, Story and Songs, BGM, Cinematography and all the glitter.

Khaidi No. 150 Hit or Flop?

Premier Shows are going to get started in some theaters of Andhra and Telangana and the talk will be out soon. Looking at the huge Buzz and waiting lines at theaters, we can pretty much say everyone is waiting for Boss’s comeback and Khaidi no. 150 rating. The movie is sure going to be an audience hit no matter what the Khaidi no 150 review will be. Khaidi No. 150 will be for sure an audience hit but not with critics.

Watch it for Megastar and Megastar only with a bonus Good Story.

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