Hombanna Movie Review Rating 2/5 Stars: Political Drama Movie which tells a Big Message


Hombanna Movie Review: Hombanna is a new Kannada movie which is released on July 7th 2017. Hombannna is Political Drama Movie and tells a great message for Society. 80{5183627f5ab5e478a378d862bd47bf67c79b640f838c75b2ea072c4667c57572} of the movie is shooted in Forest. Hombanna movie is directed by Rakshit Gowda Thirthahalli and staring with Suchendra Prasad, Dattanna, Chethan Chandra, Ninasam Ashwath, Sharmita Shetty and Varsha Acharya. There are many character in Hombanna movie among all the cast Varsha Acharya and Ninasam Ashwath are well known in Kannada Film industry. Actually Hombanna team decided to release movie in November as shooting as finished very soon now movie had released on July 7th.

Movie: Hombanna

Release Date: July 7th, 2017

Cast: Suchendra Prasad, Dattanna, Chethan Chandra, Ninasam Ashwath, Sharmita Shetty, Varsha Acharya

Director: Rakshit Gowda Thirthahalli

Rating: U/A

Hombanna  Movie Review, Rating, Public talk, Story, Live updates, Hit or Flop:

Hombanna Movie Review: Hombanna is a new Kannada movie released on July 7th 2017. Hombanna is directed by Rakshit Gowda Thirthahalli. Rakshit Gowda Thirthahalli is new to Kannada Film Industry Hombanna is the first film to direct. 80{5183627f5ab5e478a378d862bd47bf67c79b640f838c75b2ea072c4667c57572} of movie was shooted in Forest. Hombanna is a Political Drama movie which involves tribes and their problems from Society. There are many new artist introducing by Hombanna Movie. Before release Hombanna had made it’s publicity by shooting in original forest.

Hombanna Story:

Hombanna movie gives a great message to society. Hombanna is a political Drama movie. Hombanna is combination of Comedy,  Drama and Romance. Hombanna captured many beautiful locations in forest we can see forest greenery in this movie. Movie is all about problems facing by some people who stay’s in forest by some politicians and Police officers.

Hombanna Rating:

Hombanna movie has got 2 Stars among 5 (2/5). Hombanna Trailer had watched by less people and released in less screens in Karnataka.

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