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Fidaa Movie Review Rating: Fidaa is director Sekhar Kammula’s new film and the maverick film maker is trying to bring a new age love story for the Telugu audience. Known for his coming of age dramas like Anand, Godavari, Happy Days and Leader., Sekhar Kammula has been an audience favourite from long time. After delving into flops with Anamika and Life is beautiful, ‘Fidaa‘ is the one film that both Sekhar Kammula and Varun Tej have high hopes for., as both their careers are at stake. Backed up by Dil Raju, Fidaa hit theatres on July 20, 2017. Here is our Fidaa Movie Review and Fidaa movie rating. Enjoy the review with LIVE updates.

Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi play the main characters in Fidaa. Sai Pallavi’s Telangana accent is impressive and the songs were also a hit. Many audience are expecting to see a feel good film with Sekhar Kammula’s mark and the team is confident about delivering a hit.

Sekhar Kammula Fidaa Movie Review and Rating, LIVE Updates – Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi

Fidaa is a complete romantic drama that explores the ups and downs between a couple in love. There are a lot of films now with the same story but Sekhar Kammula is trying to give it a new spin with Fidaa. Producer Dil Raju, known best for his romantic dramas promises audience that this will be a new age love story that is different from other romantic films he produced. Audience are excited after seeing the teaser and trailer for Fidaa and are excited to watch the movie also.

Fidaa Story/Plot

Varun(Varun Tej) is a practical NRI who lives in USA. After achieving his dreams, he finally decides to marry a girl to get settled in life but waits for the right one. Meanwhile, his brother’s marriage is fixed with an Indian girl and Varun’s family arrives India for marriage. Varun meets Bhanumathi there, an Extrovert Telangana girl and also the sister of the bride. The rest of the film follows their love journey as both their values, thoughts and morals clash.

Fidaa Movie Review

Fidaa is Sekhar Kammula’s brainchild as the directly tells the story very simply and we can all relate to those problems. The real life situations every couple face when both don’t agree on something will remind us of our love lives. Varun Tej looks apt as the shy NRI in Fidaa and his emotional performance in some scenes can be applauded. The main attraction though is Sai Pallavi as she makes us forget that we are seeing a film character. She perfectly speaks in Telangana accent and behaves as the girl next door whom we see daily. The supporting cast also put realistic performances that we can relate with our family members. Fidaa is the struggle of love when an introvert becomes an extrovert and vice versa for love. Both want to change for each other so that they can impress the other but at last, they realise that they should stay as they are.

The songs and BGM suit the film and the audience feel like they are seeing a melodrama of their favourite music instruments. Sekhar Kammula creates a breezy movie that demands second viewing.

Fidaa Movie Rating – 3/5 stars

In case of any Sekhar Kammula’s feel good films, as an audience when we come out of the theatre., we don’t necessarily feel pumped or get goosebumps. We just feel normal walking out with a smile on our faces thinking that the movie is a feel good rom-com and is just average. But when we see it for the second time, we will watch the whole movie again and again. Fidaa is also one such movie that is for both families and couples young in love. Mainly NRI couples who have misconceptions about their love lives. The film feels like a realistic portrayal of relationships with all the feelings of Ego, Happiness, Sadness, Waiting, jealousy, romance, anger and heartbreak.

Well, this doesn’t mean that the movie don’t have it’s fair share of Negatives. The movie has some negative points that will be updated in a few hours.

Stay updated with us for our in depth Fidaa Movie Review and Rating.

Fidaa LIVE updates

Fidaa will premiere soon in some theatres and we will bring you Fidaa LIVE updates straight from theatre. This is a huge spoiler area and skip if you don’t want to see LIVE updates.

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