Dear Zindagi Review, Rating 4/5: Alia Bhatt, SRK’s film is a love letter to everyone’s life


Dear Zindagi review, 4/5 stars rating: Dear Zindagi is yet to screen in India but early screenings from USA and UAE are indicating a clear winner for the SRK-Alia Bhatt duo. Dear Zindagi is Gauri Shinde’s new outing after the uplifting drama “English Vinglish”. Produced by Gauri Khan and Karan Johar, Dear Zindagi hit the screens in USA on November 23, 2016, in UAE on November 24, 2016 and in India on November 25, 2016. The multiple release dates make it hard for fans to wait for the movie but it’s worth the wait and money. Here is our complete Dear Zindagi review to all the fans waiting for the movie to hit theaters.

Dear Zindagi Review:

Dear Zindagi is a rather simple movie with a simple plot that have been heavily miscalculated as a Shahrukh Khan’s movie. This gave the movie a huge buzz and with the popularity of SRK making Dear Zindagi a mainstream box office winner, all it needed was a good movie and Yes, Dear Zindagi is a very good movie. The film tells the story of every person on the earth and the ups and downs of every life through 2 characters, Alia Bhatt and SRK. This is not a movie for the masses BTW, with zero fights and punchlines but a pure multiplex winner like the much previous Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish’.

Dear Zindagi story:

Alia Bhatt(Kaira) is a talented and quirky woman who works as a cinematographer. So, she sees life rather colorfully through the lens and also in real life. This colorful life for Kaira is backed up by her beautiful family who support her throughout her life. Her life takes a downturn when she deals with a breakup and goes into a psychological melancholy with depression. To treat her depression, Shahrukh Khan(Dr. Jehangir Khan alias Jug) is appointed and as Jug is a psychology doctor, her treats Kaira’s depression with life lessons rather than medications and ailments. What follows is how a depressed Kaira bored to death with life finds new meaning in life, learns how every imperfection is beautiful and feels life as a love letter to herself. Eventually Jug leaves, leaving Kaira as a soulful character. The movie also stars Aditya Roy Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Tahir Raj Bhasin and Kunal Kapoor as 4 love interests of Kaira.

Dear Zindagi Highlights – Where it Shines?

Dear Zindagi’s first appreciation would be for it’s cinematography. Dear Zindagi is beautifully shot across the world and some nature shots would be a treat to watch on the big screen. The movie needs no twisted and intriguing screenplay as it deals with rather simple emotions. The dialogues between all the characters feel real and enlightening. Overall, the look and feel of the movie is so uplifting. Entry of SRK brings whistles and smiles in the theaters and there are a lot of life lessons taught through SRK. Also the movie shines in sensible moments with Kaira’s family, their emotions and Kaira’s breakup sequences.

  • Cinematography
  • BGM
  • Dialogues between characters
  • Kaira’s family scenes
  • SRK-Alia’s acting duo
  • SRK’s life lessons
  • Simple humor throughout the film
  • Emotionally uplifting that will bring smiles on faces

Dear Zindagi Negatives – Where it fades?

In these type of movies, everyone audience has their own moments of glory. Dear Zindagi has so many life references that it’d be difficult for everyone to connect with every emotion. Sure there is something for everyone in the film, but find it for yourself. The same is with the songs, though all the lyrics penned are beautiful and modest, they are too much in harmony with the basic tunes and we already feel like we listened to them already. The run time could be trimmed down around 10-15 minutes. It’s a honest attempt that will make us look more into the positives than the negatives.

  • Runtime
  • Songs
  • Too many life references

Dear Zindagi Rating 4/5 stars:

Dear Zindagi is clearly a Alia Bhatt’s film that has been promoted as a SRK’s one. SRK has a 45-50 minute cameo in which he treats Alia Bhatt and leaves and Alia again goes back to repairing her life with a new perspective. Let me break down Dear Zindagi for you guys in a chronological order of the teasers:

  1. Love.Breakup.Repeat‘ and Kaira’s depression starts
  2. Life is a Game‘ as SRK teaches her
  3. Always recycle‘ your mind and find new ways to love yourself and the people around you
  4. Set Free‘ into unknown territories of happiness and joy.

Maybe there is no mainstream trailer for the movie because of this reason. Dear Zindagi tells the story of it’s main character Kaira through these 4 phases of life and with a simple plot as such, a trailer wouldn’t have made the movie more interesting. When it comes to acting, Alia Bhatt did a very decent job as the sad-angry-tearful youth who hates her life. SRK did what he does best. With a voice that depth and popular and charm that will hook you on screen, you will listen to everything he says and relate with your own life or atleast think of your life in a new perspective. Both the characters are new for Alia and SRK and they did a justice. So a 4/5 Dear Zindagi rating for a simple and honor attempt.

Final tagline: English Vinglish was more for adults and Dear Zindagi is projected more towards teen and youth of this generation. A nice refreshing movie that’s a must watch this weekend.

Gauri Shinde is a talent to look forward!!

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