Alita Battle Angel (2019) review – Cliched and childish but cinematically pleasing.

James Cameron's new production after a long hiatus is a worthwhile treat.


Alita Battle Angel is the film adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series of the same name. Directed by Robert Rodriguez whose previous works include collaborations with Quentin Tarantino on Sincity and From Dusk Till Dawn, this film about a cyborg girl’s journey offers enrapture in parts where it is truly necessary.

Admittedly, it is blatantly conventional in its way of depicting a young girl trying to figure out her true identity and history, in a few scenes the emotional dialogue seems excessive and some instances of romance and friendship seem forced and downright awkward. Where this film shines are the action scenes, going to an action film about robots and humaniod soldiers, one would already have anticipatory sequences in mind of how things would play out on screen, this is where the directors finesse offers solace. Robert’s slow paced shots create intrigue before establishing an erratic action sequence, only to be followed by impeccable tracking cinematography.

The ‘cyber-heroine’ Alita is jovial and kind, her massive windows to the soul beautifully convey innocence and her constant quest for virtue. The actress who plays Alita-Rosa Salazar, couldn’t have been more well-suited for the role. As clearly noticeable, Alita is fully animated, high grade motion capture technology was used, the same kind of technology used in James Cameron’s 2009 film-Avatar. The fact that such a realistic animated character was achieved, that emotes so convincingly is alone worthy of applause.

The use of many good actors might prove futile to some. Starring Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connolly, Mahershala Ali, the movie has acting talent in abundance. Christoph Waltz plays Dr. Ido the adoptive father of Alita, he does it well, Mahershala Ali would feel a little miscast however. There are instances in the film where it would appear as though everyone is acting the same way. The actors manage to fill in the shoes of the characters well, but fail to add depth.

A visually immaculate film that’ll bore you in places but always make up for it later. Alita battle angel marks the beginning of a fantastic sci-fi movie series that should definitely give audiences something to look forward to in the coming years. As far as entertainment goes this film is an undoubted recommendation.

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