Agent Bhairava Telugu Movie Review, Rating 2/5 Stars: Vijay, Keerthy Suresh

Agent Bhairava is another over the top commercial entertainer with plot holes that only concentrate on highlighting it's main character rather than telling a story.


Agent Bhairava review: Agent Bhairava is a new Telugu release that is the dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Bairavaa’ that released on January 12th, 2017. Now after 5 months, the production team is releasing Bairavaa in Telugu dubbed as Agent Bhairava. The movie released on July 7th, 2017 in Telugu speaking areas. Here is Agent Bhairava review, rating starring Vijay and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles.

Film: Agent Bhairava (2017)

Cast: Vijay, Keerthy Suresh

Direction: Bharathan

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Story & Synopsis

Vijay is a loan recovery agent who never lets illegal activities happen in front of him. How he faces and takes down the head of an educational institution who also happens to be a criminal, forms the main point of the film.

Agent Bhairava Movie review

Agent Bhairava is an attempt from Vijay to satisfy his mass fans with a story that includes all the elements of a commercial film. As commercial films are the ongoing trend in Indian film scene right now, Bhairava falls prey to the same cliche of boring films that are only made to make collections out of star power.

Vijay plays Bhairava, a loan recovery agent who is the average guy of every family. He gets powerful whenever he sees any injustice and tries his best to eliminate illegal activities. He falls in love with Keerthy Suresh who comes to Hyderabad for her friend’s wedding. In an attempt to propose her, he learns about her past. Jagapathi Babu as PK is the villain of the film and is after Keerthy Suresh. How Bhairava dealt with PK and saved his love interest forms the rest of the story.

Main highlights of the film are pre-interval fight scene and background music in some scenes. Director Bharathan tried to make every fight scene into a slow motion mirage that didn’t turn out well. Many elements like fights, songs and comedy are pushed out of limit.

Vijay as the average powerful guy didn’t ring bells with anyone and his character is completely out of sync with the story doing whatever he wants. Keerthy Suresh does what she does best and stays cute most of the film. Except for a few scenes, nothing worthy of praise in acting department.

Agent Bhairava starts with the introduction of Villain and sets up his story. After the 20 minute flashback, we get to see what we already saw in many commercial films. The pacing and screenplay are a headache and as we already mentioned, the film is all over the place not concentrating in any aspect of it’s story.

The story is about how educational institutions are going corrupt these days and a brief 5-10 minutes are dedicated to tell us this point. The rest of the film is however busy in showing Vijay and his collective acting/comedy/fighting skills.

The dubbing of the film into Telugu songs and dialogues feels so unnatural and the sound modulation is utter bad. The dialogues are barely audible.

Agent Bhairava Movie Rating – 2/5

Overall, Vijay’s new experimental commercial drama Agent Bhairava falls below average and is another passable movie this weekend.

Who should watch?

Hardcore fans of Vijay and Keerthy Suresh are welcome. Anyone who wants to stay out of over the top commercial dramas, it’s better you avoid.

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