Have you ever been sued for missing a booked flight ? Lufthansa


Lufthansa is seeking to sue a passenger who intentionally missed a flight. According to reports, the passenger has missed his/her flight in order to travel at a much more affordable price than normal. Lufthansa is a leading German national airline which is pursuing a lawsuit against the unnamed traveler. The airlines claim that the person did intentionally miss out on a leg of their journey.

The airlines has been granted permission to appeal after an initial ruling found in the passenger’s favor, The independent reports. The accused took advantage of the airlines ticketing system. The airlines in general charges a bit more for the no halt journey compared to multi-stop journey. This is a case where a passenger books a multi-stop journey ticket but fails to complete his full journey. This kind of cheating is termed as “skip lagging”. Skip lagging is nothing but a passenger books a ticket from A-C via B, but fails to travel from B-C.

According to the court documents, the airlines is seeking payment from the passenger, claiming that he/she has booked a ticket from Oslo to Seattle via Frankfurt, the daily mail reports. The airlines alleges that the passenger intentionally took a separately booked flight from Frankfurt to Berlin.


The main pitfall of such practices is delay for flights as the management waits for unaccounted passengers with carriers that have routes to main hubs, especially Berlin and Munich. No-show travelers will also typically find the remaining portion of their booking cancelled, which affects those planning to miss the first segment of their journey.


Above all of these, “As this is a running case, we do not comment on this case at this stage” a Lufthansa spokesperson told Simple flying. “Should you change your carriage without our agreement, we will assess the correct price for your actual travel. You will have to pay any difference between the price you have paid and the total fare we calculate for your revised carriage.” These terms are from ETIHAD airlines.

These kind of terms and conditions differ from one airline to the other. So better be careful of going through the terms before taking some travel moves of your choice.

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