Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016: Funny Images, Quotes, Greetings{NEW} for friends, family

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016: Funny Images, Quotes, Greetings{NEW} for friends, family

Thanksgiving day(2016) is one of the significant public holidays in United states of America. The Thanksgiving day originated as a farm festival and is occasionally celebrated as a festival nationally since 1789, However after the declaration made by George Washington, Thanksgiving is celebrated as a “Federal holiday” from the year 1863.

During the American civil war time the then president Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national public holiday of “Thanksgiving and glorify to our very generous Father who remained in the Heaven,” to be celebrated on the final Thursday of November. Thanksgiving day is considered as the part of the holiday season comprising of New year
and Christmas. On this auspicious day, as people wish each other and celebrate.,we provide 100+ Happy Thanksgiving Images, Quotes, Wallpapers, Wishes, Greetings and Best Thanksgiving Day wishes for free download and to share on Fb, Whatsapp.

Happy Thanksgiving day 2016 is not just about the remembrance of beautiful memories we had in the past or football, parades, special dinners. It is the day of thanks. On the Thanksgiving day we are reminded of the beautiful events that are part of our lives, all the up’s and down’s we came along. We spend a few moments before having the dinner to appreciate the glory of our life and wonderful family and friends. Although for too many people thanksgiving is having a normal time spent for giving thanks at the dinner table.

What is the Meaning of Thanksgiving?

The true meaning of Thanksgiving, however, should not end after a prayer or a few seconds of meditation devoted to thanks. The thanksgiving day history emphasizes that it has a greater significance than it seems to have. Thanksgiving is also a call to action. The word Thanksgiving has two words: thanks and giving. On this day we should be reminded to give thanks, to share and to give what we have excess, to the people who need them desperately. People also share Thanksgiving Quotes with their friends and family to remind them thanks.

It’s not all about the money or things you share, it’s about the morality and elucidating the true definition behind the humanity. I hope this thanksgiving you all take a moment and think about what things you can do in the upcoming year to completely express the meaning of Thanksgiving. Think about making an hour per week to help someone who is need. By giving of your time and skills may be you are acknowledging that your life is complete and has everything needed to survive in abundance. Below are some Happy Thanksgiving day Images and Funny thanksgiving images.

‘Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day’ Quotes:

“Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

– John Wooden

“There is always, always and always something to be thankful for in life”

“Thank you for the Food before Us, Friends and family beside us and Thank you for the Love between us”

“Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is always someone else’s fairy tale. So be Thankful for what you have”

– Wale Ayeni

“We wish you the gift of faith and blessing of Hope this Thanksgiving day”

“Forever on Thanksgiving day, the heart will find the path Home”

“Be kind, be Generous, be thoughtful and be Genuine. But remember to be Thankful above all”

“When I count my blessings, I count you twice/When you count your blessings, Count mine twice, happy Thanksgiving day

Be thankful quote for thanksgiving day: Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. But if you concentrate on things you don’t have, in the end., you’ll end up with nothing. So be Thankful for What you are and What you have. Happy Thanksgiving”

“Don’t let the Turkeys get you down. Happy Thanksgiving quotes 2016″

“We can’t do great things on Earth, only small things with Love. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving my friend”

“A thankful heart is the one that receives all the showers of blessings that are bestowed upon us”

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul”

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

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