Guru Purnima Speech in English, Hindi 2017 for School & College Students

Guru Purnima Speech in English, Hindi 2017 for School & College Students

Guru Purnima Speech: Guru Purnima is a widely celebrated occasion in Schools, Colleges, Universities of India and Nepal. Guru Purnima is both a religious and societal celebration. In Hindu Religion., Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are offered prayers and in Society, teachers are thanked for their service. This means Teacher is also treated as God when it comes to devotion and prayers. As Guru Purnima is being celebrated on July 9th, 2017., School and College will be asked to give a Guru Purnima speech in English or write an essay or Guru Purnima.

So, know the significance, importance, facts and other things about Guru Purnima and mix them with your own research on Guru Purnima. You will have a perfect speech that you can tell tomorrow in front of everyone.

Guru Purnima Speech in English 2017

Good Morning Everyone! Today I’m here to discuss about Guru Purnima, a prominent festival in both India and Nepal. As we all know Teachers and principal are one of the forms of Guru, let me start my speech by conveying my respect to them.

Guru Purnima is a spiritual day and there is a difference between Guru and Teacher. A Guru is someone who teach life lessons and lead us to a path of Glory. A Teacher is someone who teaches us reading and writing knowledge. In the same way, there are three types of students for every Teacher/Guru. There are the student, the disciple and the devotee.

The student is the one who wants to have the knowledge the Guru is having and is always in his self control. The disciple is the one who want to learn the morals of the Guru and wants to stay true to his rights avoiding the wrongs. A devotee is however the one who dedicates himself to worship the Guru and believe him to lead the devotee to any path the Guru wants. We are all the devotees of God, so we can assume that God is the main Guru. But i don’t think so.

Gurus are real people in our life who give motivation to us so we can challenge ourselves and get back up again. No Guru will help their student in their goals but a real Guru will stay with their student and motivate him to reach the goal. They show the direction towards your Goal and they’ll be a guide until you reach your goal. A real life Guru is not a sage, a religious person or any priest. A real life Guru is anyone who wants to dedicate their time and effort to push into the paths of Success. So, let’s see who does that in our lies.

Parents are the first Gurus who teach us love and passion from Childhood. They are our Childhood Gurus and guide us through a safe path so that we can reach our goals. The second Gurus are our school teachers who define our societal and cultural beliefs. Without Teachers, we wouldn’t know about Maths, Science, History or any of these subjects that are vital for a good societal knowledge. Teachers help shape our morals going into future.

But after a certain age, Parents and Teachers do not have an impact on our minds. Our friends do. So, irrespective of how intelligent a friend is, a good friend is always a Guru as he helps us and encourages us in any way he can so that we can reach our Goals. After youth, we get married and we find a Guru in our husband/wife.

All these points mean that there are Gurus in everyone’s life and a specific type of Guru is important to us at some specific stages in our lives. No Guru will be with us till our birth to death and in a way, to receive help and guidance from other Gurus, you must be a Guru yourself.

Thank you once again and Happy Guru Purnima to everyone!

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Guru Purnima Speech in Hindi 2017

Here is Guru Purnima Speech in Hindi that you can tell to your friends, teachers in school or college.

Happy Guru Purnima Short Speech in hindi
Guru Purnima Short Speech in Hindi
Guru Purnima Hindi Speech, Essay
Guru Purnima Hindi Speech

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So, get confident and prepare to your fullest to tell these amazing Guru Purnima Speech in English, Hindi in your School or College. Let them know the importance of Gurus in our lives. Happy Guru Poornima!

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