Guru Purnima 2017 Images and HD Wallpapers with Quotes for WhatsApp DP, Facebook timeline

Guru Purnima 2017 Images and HD Wallpapers with Quotes for WhatsApp DP, Facebook timeline

Guru Purnima Images 2017: Guru Purnima is celebrated by students and teachers in the countries on India and Nepal. In both the countries, Guru Purnima is more of a respected day rather than religious day. Guru Purnima translates into ‘The full moon day of teachers’ and this is depicted by Indian calendar.

Guru Purnima falls on a full moon day in Ashadh(Hindu month). Last year in 2016, Guru Purnima was celebrated on July 19th whereas in 2017, it is being celebrated on July 9th. So this July 9th, send these Beautiful Guru Purnima Images with Quotes to your Teacher, Mother or Father and show them respect and love.

Guru Purnima tells us the importance of Gurus in our lives who guide our future into a right direction. Guru Purnima in India is celebrated in remembrance of Maharshi Vedya who authorised the publications of Mahabharatha, BhagawadGita, Hindu Puranas and many important transcripts of Hindu Culture.

Guru Purnima Images 2017 with Quotes, Wishes, Happy Guru Purnima 2017 Status for WhatsApp, Facebook messages

As many scholars quoted, ‘There is no Knowledge without a Guru as there is no Soul”.

Happy Guru Purnima images 2017
Happy Guru Purnima Images 2017

Guru Purnima Images: Guru Purnima has some interesting way of celebrating in both India and Nepal. In India, educational institutions host events to thank their teachers and retired scholars from the institutions. Many students meet their old teachers and masters. In Nepal, Treenok Guru Purnima is celebrated in schools mainly with students. Students thank and offer garlands, delicacies and clothes to teachers and school staff. Guru Purnima indicates the culture of Guru-Shishya bond that is so respected in olden days. Teachers are not respected now a days, but they deserve more respect than any parents. Teachers shape the way we see the world and that is why he is the deity in hiding.

May Guru’s Blessings always shower on you. Wish you a Happy Guru Purnima!

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Happy Guru Purnima images with quotes

The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru is Shiva, the God of Gods, the Guru is verily the supreme Brahman, Salutations to the adorable Guru.

guru brahma guru vishnu sloka image, guru image for guru purnima, happy guru purnima hd image
Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu Sloka

As you walk with Guru,
You walk in the light of existence,
Away from the darkness of ignorance,
You leave behind all the dark experiences of your life and,
Move towards the peak existence of life.
Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru purnima image of Sai baba, sai baba guru purnima wallpaper, guru purnima shirdi images
Happy Guru Purnima image of Sai Baba

Stick to your own Guru with unabated faith, whatever the merits of other Gurus and however little merits of yours! – Sai Baba

Guru purnima image of Lord shiva, happy guru purnima
Guru purnima image of Lord Shiva
  • Whenever I wanted inspiration
    You were there to guide and be
    Thanks Guru for being
    Such a pillar of support for me
    Happy Guru Purnima 2017
  • Guru Hamare Mann Mandir mein
    Guru Hamare Pyar
    Gyan & Bhakti ka wo he data hai
    Narayan Bhagwan,OM GURU DEO
happy guru purnima images, happy guru purnima images with quotes, wishes, sms
Happy Guru Purnima wishes image Free download
  • The Guru Is Like Dynamite
    Because He Has Exploded In 360 Degrees
    And He Has The Capacity
    To Create That Same Explosion Of Enlightenment
    In Each And Every One.
    When You Are Around A Living Master,
    Your Potential To Experience Pure,
    Eternal Bliss.
    Happy Guru Purnima 2017 To You And Your Family.

Happy Guru Purnima Images, HD Wallpapers for Guru Purnima Wishes

Guru Purnima has an immense importance in the religious Culture of India. It is celebrated in the remembrance of Maharshi Veda Vyasa who is an iconic symbol of ‘Guru’ in Hindu mythology. In Nepal, Guru Purnima 2017 is celebrated in remembrance of Lord Buddha, an iconic symbol for peace and intelligence. Both Buddhists and Indians celebrate Guru Purnima with their teachers by sending them Guru Purnima wishes images, wallpapers and pics.

Guru is Shiva without three eyes,
Vishnu without four arms,
Brahma without his four heads,
He is Parama Shiva himself in human form
-Brahmnanda Purana

guru purnima images 2017 free download for whatsapp, facebook
Guru purnima images 2017

You were a light for me in the dark,
You were an inspiration and an aspiration,
Support me always,
I will succeed in all ways,
Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru purnima 2017 images
Guru Purnima 2017 images = Happy Teacher’s day

The Guru has neither beginning nor end; the Guru is the ultimate God . There is nothing beyond this Guru principle, and I salute such a Guru.

So, send these beautiful Guru Purnami Images to your teachers or share it on WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also set one of the above Happy Guru Purnami 2017 images with Quotes as your WhatsApp DP and let your friends know how much you respect this occasion.

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