Guru Poornima 2017: importance, quotes, images, messages, Vyasa Purnima Wishes, facts, Puja Muhurat

Guru Poornima 2017: importance, quotes, images, messages, Vyasa Purnima Wishes, facts, Puja Muhurat

Guru Poornima 2017: Guru Poornima/Guru Purnima is celebrated on 9th July, 2017. This day is special for doing ‘Guru puja’ or ‘Guru Worship’. Guru Purnima falls in the month of Asadh- the first month in the lunar cycle. It is believed that Guru prayers are strong on this day and everyone must offer worship to their Guru on this day.

Guru Purnima is not only celebrated in India, but Nepal also celebrates Guru Purnima in a religious way. Lord Buddha is seen as a deity for Buddhists and all the people in Nepal celebrate Guru Purnima with their teachers and by sharing delicacies.

Guru Poornima/Guru Purnima 2017: Meaning, Importance, Quotes, images, messages, Vyasa Purnima Wishes

It is very important that we know the importance of the event we are celebrating. So, know everything you need to know about this special day below. Guru Purnima 2017 is the best day for students to respect and bond with their teachers, coaches and the real gurus in their life who could be anyone.

Meaning of Guru Purnima

There is a very special meaning for the word Guru Purnima. In Sanskrit literature, ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means removal. Together ‘Guru’ means the person who removes darkness from a soul. Similarly, ‘Purnima’ means ‘the day of full moon’ in lunar cycle. So, Guru Purnima means ‘The Person who removes darkness from our souls on the full moon day’. This meaning fits the prayers perfectly because the prayers are said to be strong on Guru Purnima.

Importance of Guru Purnima in India

importance of Guru purnima, maharshi veda vyasa
Guru Purnima is celebrated in India in remembrance of Maharshi Veda Vyasa, a great Indian Scholar and Sage

Guru Purnima is mainly celebrated in India because of the birthday of Veda Vyasa, the great Indian sage and scholar. Veda Vyasa is referred as the Great Indian sage because he edited all Hindu Vedas and rewrote 18 Hindu puranas that are the morals for Hindu culture today. Veda Vyasa is also credited for writing the tales of Bhagawadgita and Mahabharatha. As our ancestors gained all our knowledge from these transcripts, Veda Vyasa’s birthday is celebrated as Guru Purnima in respect and devotion of his work.

Guru Purnima Puja Muhurat timings, date, Tithi

Guru Puja or Guru worship is offered to our deities on this day. Puja is carried out in nearby temples or in households of Hindu culture. As Guru Purnima is attached to lunar cycle, there are special timings for Guru Purnima Puja known as ‘Puja Muhurat’ or ‘Puja Tithi’. Prayers offered in this exact timespan are believed to be more holy.

Puja Tithi begins on 7:30 a.m. on July 8, 2017

Puja Tithi ends on 9:36 a.m. on July 9, 2017.

This means Guru Puja should be offered early in the morning before 9:36 AM today.

Guru Purnima quotes, wishes, messages

Not only adults, but teenagers also participate in Guru Purnima celebrations. Many schools and colleges celebrate Guru Purnima and school kids and youth are familiar with it. So, if your want to send Guru Purnima quotes, wishes, messages to anyone, you can select one from below and send them. You can also upload these quotes as your Guru Purnima whatsApp status or Facebook messages.

  • Today is the day to be grateful to whom you learn from. Happy Guru Purnima!
  • Let No man live in the world with delusion. Without a Guru, none can cross over to the other shore. – Guru Nanak
  • Stick to your own guru with unabated faith, Whatever the merits of other gurus and however little merits of your own. – Sai Baba
  • It is Nature that causes all movement. Deluded by ego, the fool harbours the perception that says “I did it”. – Veda Vyasa
  • Guru is the one who knows God and Who shows the way to him.To follow a divine manifestation is the sure way to God-realisation. One who knows God, becomes the voice of Silent God. – Paramahamsa Yogananda
  • The guru is just trying to help you, to bring you to a point where you can atleast surrender the ego. The deep ecstasy will happen between You and Your master. Wherever there is a feeling of “let-go”, ecstasy happens-that is the Law. – Rajneesh.
  • A Guru is never a giver of truth, he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must find for themselves. – Bruce Lee.
  • When one finds the true Guru, one conquers half the world. Thanks for taking me as your disciple! Happy Guru Purnima!
  • Tum Guru ke saath chalna,
    Asthithv ke prakaash main chalna,
    Dhoor Agnaan ke Andhkaar se,
    Apni Jeevan ki Samasyaaon ko peech chod ke,
    Jeevan ke charan, Anubhavi ke oar badna!
    Happy Guru Purnima 2017!

Guru Purnima images, wallpapers for WhatsApp, Facebook

Set the Guru Purnima images as your mobile wallpapers or desktop wallpapers. You can also send these images and wishes to your teachers on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Guru Purnima images with quotes
Guru Purnima Images with Quotes
Happy Guru purnima 2017 images wishes
Happy Guru Purnima images 2017 wishes
Guru Purnima images
Guru Purnima Quotes image by Guru Nanak.

Interesting facts about Guru Purnima

  1. NASA recently tweeted that July 9th, 2017 is called Guru Purnima when they observed the peak of starting of Lunar cycle.
  2. Guru Purnima is widely celebrated in Nepal also. Prayers to Lord Buddha are offered by Buddhists in Nepal on the day of Guru Poornima.
  3. The arrival of Hindu month Asadh marks the arrival of Guru Purnima and Asadh starts in June and ends in August.
  4. Guru Purnima marks the beginning of Monsoon, a season favourable for Farmers and harvesting of agricultural lands.

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