#05 things only a Teacher will Teach you in Life

#05 things only a Teacher will Teach you in Life

Teacher plays a crucial role in students life. Every one in his school will follow his/ her teacher. In many schools teacher tells students to follow some rules and regulations,  but here are the 11 things only a true teacher will teach you in your life that will help you become a respectable and fulfilled person in your career and future.

#05 Things only a True Teacher will Teach you in Life :

Students are asked to be in discipline in his life. That brings him a great honor and knowledge. Every teacher in every school must show how to be in discipline to students when they are childhood.

Uniform and Structuring :

This is the most important thing that teacher must say to students that they should maintain good and fresh uniform when they are coming to school. Because school uniform make children good in look as well as good in their performance. So teacher must say about school uniform.

Attending possibilities :

Teacher must make their students good in their attendance. Make them to come daily. This is all about attraction. Student must have interest towards school. Every teacher should take care of this thing.

Punctuality and Importance of Time :

This thing is about punctual in their work. Teacher must make their student to be punctual to their work. They should complete their home work in given time. They should be in time in all their activities. This is the biggest task to all teachers, because one may not listen to teachers words. Not only about home work, what ever is work they should be in time.

Interacting with Students and Friends :

Every teacher must do this work,that is teacher must interact with parents of students and should update progress of their performance in all activities,not only about education,what ever the activity they have much interest on. Teacher must recognize their interest activity.

Respect to Juniors :

  • Teacher must give home work in limits.
  • Teacher must act like friend to every student.
  • Punishment must be in limits

Being in Own Limits and control :

  • Teacher should not give much home works.
  • They should not cross limits.
  • Don’t pretend anything in front of students.

WE Love and Respect OUR Teachers!!

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