How To Watch Uncharted (2022) Online At Home

The highly anticipated action-adventure film Uncharted has finally arrived in theaters! Fans of the popular video game series have been eagerly awaiting the big-screen adaptation, and it does not disappoint. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the movie, including a breakdown of the plot, cast, soundtrack, and more. We will also discuss where and how to watch the movie, pricing and available formats, and offer tips on streaming safely. Let’s dive in!

What is Uncharted?

Uncharted is a film adaptation of the popular video game series of the same name. The film follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, and his partner Victor Sullivan as they set out to uncover the truth behind a mythical treasure. Along the way, they face a number of obstacles, including rival treasure hunters and dangerous mercenaries.

Why is Uncharted Worth Watching?

Uncharted is a thrilling adventure movie that will appeal to both fans of the video game series and newcomers to the franchise. The film is full of action-packed set pieces that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is engaging, and the characters are well-developed and likable. Tom Holland delivers a standout performance as the lead character, Nathan Drake, and the supporting cast is equally impressive.


Uncharted boasts an impressive cast of actors. Here is a breakdown of the main players:

  • Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
  • Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan
  • Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer
  • Tati Gabrielle as Braddock
  • Antonio Banderas as the film’s villain


The movie opens with a young Nathan Drake being rescued from a burning building by Victor Sullivan. Years later, Nathan – now grown up – is on the hunt for treasure when he runs into Sullivan again. Sullivan introduces Nathan to his new partner, Chloe Frazer, and together they set out to find the legendary treasure of a notorious pirate. Along the way, they must overcome a number of obstacles and contend with rival treasure hunters, mercenaries, and the film’s villain.


The plot of Uncharted is a classic treasure hunting adventure story. Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are hunting for a treasure that is said to have been hidden by a pirate. They are not the only ones on the hunt, however – a rival treasure hunter and his team are also after the treasure, as well as a group of mercenaries who are hired by a mysterious figure known only as the film’s villain.

Throughout the movie, Nathan, Sullivan, and Chloe encounter a number of obstacles and must use their wits and skills to overcome them. They navigate treacherous terrain, solve puzzles, and engage in thrilling action sequences.


Uncharted has received generally positive reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a 68% approval rating, with the consensus being that it is a fun and action-packed adventure movie that stays true to the spirit of the video game series. While some critics have noted that the plot is formulaic and the characters are somewhat one-dimensional, most have praised the film’s performances and exciting set pieces.

Characters & Performance

The performances in Uncharted are one of the film’s highlights. Tom Holland brings a youthful energy and charisma to the role of Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg is a great foil as Victor Sullivan. Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle also deliver strong performances as Chloe Frazer and Braddock, respectively.


The special effects in Uncharted are top-notch. The film features a number of thrilling action sequences, and the effects work seamlessly to bring the adventure to life. From jaw-dropping stunts to intricate set pieces, the effects team did a great job of creating an immersive and exciting experience for the audience.


The soundtrack of Uncharted is appropriately epic and adventurous. The score, composed by Henry Jackman, features sweeping orchestral themes and pulse-pounding action cues that perfectly complement the film’s action and adventure sequences.


The cinematography in Uncharted is excellent. The film features stunning locations and sweeping panoramic shots that capture the scale and majesty of the adventure. The camera work during action scenes is also impressive, with long takes and dynamic camera angles that keep the audience engaged and invested in the action.


The director of Uncharted, Ruben Fleischer, did an admirable job of bringing the video game series to life on the big screen. He balances the action and adventure elements of the story well, and keeps the pacing brisk and exciting throughout.

Popular Streaming Platforms

Uncharted is now playing in theaters across the country, but for those who prefer to watch from the comfort of their homes, the film will be available on a number of popular streaming platforms in the near future. Some of the platforms that are likely to carry the movie include Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play.

How to Watch Uncharted

For those who want to watch Uncharted now, the only option is to see it in theaters. However, as mentioned above, the film will be available on streaming platforms in the near future.

Rental and Purchase Options

When Uncharted becomes available on streaming platforms, it will likely be available for rental or purchase. Prices for rentals typically range from $3.99 to $5.99, while purchase prices usually range from $14.99 to $19.99.

Pricing and Available Formats

The price and available formats for Uncharted will vary depending on the platform and region. The movie is likely to be available in standard definition and high definition, with prices ranging from $3.99 to $19.99.

Free Streaming Options

While there are some free streaming options available, it is important to note that many of these sites are illegal and may contain malicious software. We strongly recommend that you avoid using free streaming sites and instead opt for a legitimate streaming platform.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

Torrenting and piracy are illegal and can result in serious legal consequences. We strongly urge you to avoid downloading or streaming Uncharted from illegal sources.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If Uncharted is not available in your region, you may be able to use a VPN to access it. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to mask your location and access content that is restricted in your region. However, it is important to note that using a VPN may violate the terms of service of some streaming platforms.


Overall, Uncharted is a thrilling adventure movie that is well worth the price of admission. The movie features great performances, exciting action sequences, and a fun story that will keep you engaged from start to finish. Whether you are a fan of the video game series or just looking for a fun adventure movie to enjoy, Uncharted is sure to deliver.

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