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Watch them (2021) –

Watch them (2021) -

Brief Overview:

Watch them is a new anthology series which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The show is produced by Sony Pictures Television, and it is created and directed by Little Marvin. The story takes place in the 1950s in America and it follows a black family who moves to an all-white neighborhood. They believe that they are living in their dream home, but things quickly take a sinister turn.


Watch them is a horror-drama series which aims to explore the deep-rooted fears and prejudices that exist within American society. It features various supernatural elements, including ghosts, and it aims to provoke a powerful emotional response from viewers. The show is designed to be confronting and disturbing, and it is not for the faint of heart.


If you are a fan of horror, or you are interested in exploring some of the darker aspects of American history, then Watch them is definitely a show that you need to watch. It is a powerful and unsettling series that is sure to leave a lasting impact on you.

Assistir They/Them Online – Séries HD

Assistir They/Them Online - Séries HD

Brief Overview:

They/Them is a new LGBTQ+ coming of age series that is currently available to watch on Netflix. The show is produced by Warner Bros. Television and it is created by We and the World Productions. It explores the intersectionality of being both queer and non-binary, and the challenges of forging an identity in a world that is often hostile to those who are different.


They/Them is a sensitive and nuanced exploration of what it means to be queer and non-binary. The show covers a variety of topics, including self-discovery, relationships, and identity. It features a diverse cast of characters, all of whom are portrayed with empathy and respect.


If you are interested in LGBTQ+ issues, or if you are looking for a show that explores the complexities of identity, then They/Them is definitely a show that you need to watch. It is a heartwarming and moving series that is sure to inspire and enlighten you.

Smartwatches will Remain the Most Popular Wearables into 2022

Smartwatches will Remain the Most Popular Wearables into 2022

Brief Overview:

Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearable devices on the market today. They are designed to be worn on the wrist and offer a range of features, including fitness tracking, smartphone notifications, and voice control. According to a recent report, smartwatches are set to remain the most popular wearable devices into 2022.


Smartwatches are a technological innovation that has revolutionized the way in which we interact with the world around us. They are designed to be both functional and fashionable, and they offer a range of features that make them ideal for use in a variety of situations. From fitness tracking to smartphone notifications, smartwatches are the ultimate in wearable technology.


If you are someone who is always on the go, or if you want to keep track of your health and fitness in a convenient and stylish way, then a smartwatch is definitely something that you should consider. They are the perfect combination of form and function, and they are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to stay connected and active.

Characters & Performance:

Watch them features a talented cast of actors who embody their characters with a depth and intensity that is rare in contemporary horror programming. The show’s leads, Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas, both deliver standout performances that are sure to leave an indelible impression on viewers. Meanwhile, the supporting cast, which includes Alison Pill and Ryan Kwanten, also deliver strong and memorable performances.


Watch them features a range of breathtaking visual effects that help to bring the show’s supernatural elements to life. From ghostly apparitions to nightmarish hallucinations, the effects in Watch them are top-notch and highly effective at creating a sense of unease and tension throughout the series.


The soundtrack for Watch them is haunting and atmospheric, perfectly complementing the show’s eerie and unsettling tone. Composer Mark Korven has created a score that is both beautiful and unsettling, lending an otherworldly quality to the series that is sure to stay with you long after you have finished watching.


Watch them is a visual feast, featuring stunning and evocative cinematography that is both artistic and terrifying. Cinematographer Checco Varese makes effective use of light and shadow to create an atmosphere of dread and unease throughout the series, capturing the beauty and terror of the show’s supernatural elements.


Little Marvin’s direction of Watch them is impeccable, expertly capturing the show’s tone and pacing and creating an atmosphere of sustained tension and unease throughout the series. With its deft use of camera angles, lighting, and sound, the show is a masterclass in horror directing.

Popular Streaming Platforms:

Watch them is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, while They/Them is available to watch on Netflix. Both shows are easily accessible and can be streamed on a variety of devices and platforms.

How to:

To watch Watch them on Amazon Prime Video, simply sign up for a subscription to the service and search for the show. To watch They/Them on Netflix, sign up for a subscription and search for the show on the platform.

Rental and Purchase Options:

Both Watch them and They/Them are currently only available to watch as part of a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, respectively. There are no rental or purchase options currently available for either show.

Pricing and Available Formats:

The pricing for Amazon Prime Video varies depending on the region in which you live. Netflix offers a range of subscription plans, with prices starting at $8.99 per month.

Free Streaming Options:

Unfortunately, there are no free streaming options currently available for Watch them or They/Them. However, both shows are well worth the price of a subscription, and they are sure to provide hours of entertainment and thought-provoking content.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning:

Torrenting or pirating content is illegal and can result in severe legal consequences. We strongly advise against engaging in these activities and encourage viewers to support content creators by streaming shows and movies legally through reputable platforms.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions:

If you encounter geo-restrictions while trying to watch Watch them or They/Them, or any other show, you may be able to bypass these restrictions by using a VPN. A VPN can help you access content that is typically unavailable in your region by routing your internet traffic through a server in another country.


If you enjoyed Watch them, other horror shows that you may enjoy include American Horror Story, The Haunting of Hill House, and Stranger Things. If you enjoyed They/Them, other LGBTQ+ coming of age shows that you may enjoy include Euphoria, Pose, and Special.

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