How To Watch Scavengers Reign Online At Home

Are you a fan of science fiction and animation for adults? Look no further than Scavengers Reign, the newest series from Titmouse for HBO Max. With a unique animation style and a story that will keep you hooked, Scavengers Reign is not to be missed.


Scavengers Reign is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. The main character, Maya, is a scavenger who relies on her quick wit and fighting skills to survive in this dangerous world. When Maya discovers a mysterious artifact that may hold the key to saving humanity, she finds herself on a perilous mission to uncover its secrets.


The voice cast for Scavengers Reign features a talented group of actors, including:

  • Zendaya as Maya
  • John Boyega as Kovacs
  • Awkwafina as Zara
  • Terry Crews as Caine
  • Emma Stone as Aurora


In a not-too-distant future, the world is a wasteland. The remnants of humanity are scattered, living in small communities and relying on scavenging to survive. Maya, a skilled fighter and scavenger, comes across an artifact that could hold the key to saving humanity. With the help of a small group of fellow scavengers, Maya sets out on a dangerous mission to find the answers she seeks and save the world.


Scavengers Reign begins with Maya and her scavenger team, consisting of Kovacs, Zara, Caine, and Aurora, on a routine mission to search for supplies in a long-abandoned city. While searching an old research facility, Maya discovers a mysterious artifact that emits a strange energy. The discovery piques Maya’s curiosity, and she becomes determined to find out what the artifact is and what it does.

Maya’s search for answers leads her on a journey filled with danger and adventure. Along the way, Maya and her team encounter a variety of adversaries, including rival scavenger groups and dangerous creatures mutated by the radiation that covers the world.

The story of Scavengers Reign is filled with twists and turns, as Maya uncovers secrets about the artifact, the world, and her own past. As Maya gets closer to the truth, she must confront difficult choices and confront her own demons to make it out alive.


Scavengers Reign is a thrilling and visually-stunning series that is a must-watch for fans of science fiction and animation. The series offers a unique take on the post-apocalyptic subgenre, with its use of striking visuals and engaging storytelling.

The standout element of Scavengers Reign is the animation style. The series features a gorgeous blend of 2D and 3D animation, with each frame looking like it could be a work of art. The animation brings the world to life, making it feel vivid and immersive. Each character is distinct and well-designed, with the animators emphasizing their personalities and mannerisms in subtle ways.

The storytelling in Scavengers Reign is also top-notch. The series manages to strike a balance between action and character development, giving each of the main characters room to grow and evolve. Maya, in particular, is a fascinating character, and the series does an excellent job of exploring her motivations and backstory. The series also features a number of tense and thrilling action sequences that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Overall, Scavengers Reign is an excellent addition to the science fiction and animation genres. With its stunning animation and gripping storytelling, the series is not to be missed.

Characters & Performance

The characters in Scavengers Reign are all unique and well-developed. Maya, as the protagonist, is the most fully-formed character, with a rich backstory and clear motivations. Zendaya’s performance as Maya is excellent, capturing the character’s strength and vulnerability.

John Boyega also delivers a standout performance as Kovacs, bringing a sense of humor and charm to the role. Awkwafina and Terry Crews both bring their signature wit and charisma to their characters, making them memorable and engaging.


The effects in Scavengers Reign are stunning, with the animation bringing the world to life in vivid detail. The use of 3D animation for vehicles and environments adds depth and texture to the world, while the 2D animation for characters and effects emphasizes their personalities and emotions.


The soundtrack for Scavengers Reign features a mix of electronic and orchestral music that complements the action and visuals. The music is atmospheric and immersive, helping to establish the tone of the series and the world it takes place in.


The cinematography in Scavengers Reign is masterful, with each shot composed with care and attention to detail. The camera work adds to the sense of immersion, pulling viewers into the world and keeping them engaged in the story.


The direction in Scavengers Reign is excellent, with the series maintaining a consistent tone and pacing throughout its runtime. The action sequences are well-choreographed and easy to follow, while the character moments are emotionally resonant and impactful.

Popular Streaming Platforms

Scavengers Reign is available exclusively on HBO Max.

How To Watch

To watch Scavengers Reign, you will need to subscribe to HBO Max. The series is available to stream on the platform.

Rental and Purchase Options

Scavengers Reign is only available to stream on HBO Max. It is not available for rental or purchase through other platforms.

Pricing and Available Formats

Subscription to HBO Max costs $14.99 per month. The service also offers a one-week free trial for new subscribers.

Free Streaming Options

Unfortunately, there are no free streaming options for Scavengers Reign at this time.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

As with any piece of media, torrenting or piracy is not a legal or ethical way to access Scavengers Reign. We encourage viewers to support the creators and watch the series through legitimate means.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If you are located in a region where HBO Max is not available, you may be able to access the service through a VPN. However, we do not endorse the use of VPNs for illegal purposes, such as accessing geo-restricted content.


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