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Hey y’all! Have y’all seen Nine Days yet? If not, let me put y’all on!

The Aisle Seat – Nine Days

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Nine Days is a deep, thought-provoking movie that’ll have y’all pondering life’s biggest questions. Why are we here? What’s our purpose? Director Edson Oda does a fantastic job of exploring these themes through compelling characters and a unique concept.

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The movie follows Will (Winston Duke), a reclusive man living in an isolated house who is tasked with selecting which souls will be born on Earth. To help him with this decision, he interviews a group of candidates (Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong, Tony Hale, etc.) and observes their behavior during various scenarios.

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Brief Overview

Nine Days is a soul-stirring drama movie directed by Edson Oda and released in 2020. The movie stars renowned actors Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, and Bill Skarsgård, among others.


Nine Days is about a man named Will who lives in an isolated house and is tasked with selecting souls to be born on Earth. To help him with this decision, he interviews a group of candidates and observes their behavior during various scenarios.


This movie will make y’all question life’s biggest questions. What’s our purpose? Why are we here? It’ll also make y’all think about the decisions y’all make every day and how they might impact your life and the lives of others.


Winston Duke (Will)

Winston Duke

Zazie Beetz (Emma)

Zazie Beetz

Bill Skarsgård (Kane)

Bill Skarsgård


Will is a man who lives in isolation in a house surrounded by vast nothingness. He spends his days observing human behavior, searching for candidates to be born on Earth while his assistant, Kyo (Benedict Wong), helps him with his daily tasks. When Emma shows up for an interview, she reveals that she’s passed away and been given a second chance. Will must then decide whether or not to give her a chance at life on Earth, setting off a chain of events that forces Will to confront his own past.

Characters & Performance

Winston Duke gives a standout performance as Will, a man who has long been cut off from humanity. His portrayal of the character’s inner turmoil and struggle with his own emotions is nuanced and powerful. Zazie Beetz, Tony Hale, and Benedict Wong also deliver great performances as candidates vying for the chance to be born on Earth.


The special effects in Nine Days are understated but effective, adding to the film’s otherworldly atmosphere. The use of color and lighting is especially notable.


The music in Nine Days is haunting and beautiful, perfectly complementing the movie’s emotional intensity. The original score, composed by Antonio Pinto, is particularly noteworthy.


The cinematography in Nine Days is breathtaking, with wide shots of vast landscapes and tight close-ups that perfectly capture the actors’ emotions. The use of natural light is especially notable and adds to the ethereal feel of the movie.


Edson Oda’s direction is masterful, managing to balance the movie’s heady themes with compelling character interactions and a unique concept. The movie’s pacing is spot on, and the emotional moments are given room to breathe.

Popular Streaming Platforms

Nine Days is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

How to

To watch Nine Days, simply head on over to Amazon Prime Video or Vudu and search for the movie. From there, you can rent or buy the movie and start watching right away!

Rental and Purchase Options

Nine Days is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu for $5.99 and $14.99, respectively.

Pricing and Available Formats

Nine Days is available in HD format on both Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

Free Streaming Options

Sorry y’all, but there are no free streaming options for Nine Days at the moment.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

Y’all know the drill, don’t pirate movies. It’s illegal and unethical. Plus, you’re missing out on supporting the artists and filmmakers who put their hearts and souls into the movies they make.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If y’all are having trouble accessing Nine Days in your country, consider using a VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions. A VPN will encrypt your internet connection and route it through a server in a different location, making it appear as though you’re in a different location.


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Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what y’all thought of Nine Days and if y’all have any other movie recommendations for me!

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