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If you’re looking for a powerful and inspiring film to watch, you won’t regret checking out “My Name Is Pauli Murray.” This biographical documentary tells the story of one of America’s most influential civil rights activists, Pauli Murray, and her lifelong fight for justice. Directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West, the film will be hitting theaters on September 17, 2021.

My Name Is Pauli Murray – The Story of An Influential Civil Rights Activist

Pauli Murray was a trailblazing civil rights activist, lawyer, and writer who played a vital role in advancing the struggle for racial and gender equality in the United States. Her life was characterized by its many noteworthy accomplishments, which included serving as an advisor to President John F. Kennedy, co-founding the National Organization for Women (NOW), and becoming the first African American woman to be ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church. But it was her early work that laid the foundation for all of the success that followed.

More About The Film

The biographical documentary “My Name is Pauli Murray” is a fascinating exploration of Murray’s life and legacy. The film draws on a wealth of archival footage, home movies, interviews with family members, and personal writings to unpack Murray’s story. It tells the tale of a woman who refused to bow to the limitations imposed on her by society and who persisted in breaking down barriers, often at great personal cost.

What Makes This Film So Relevant Today?

Pauli Murray’s struggles and achievements remain as relevant today as they were during her lifetime. The film highlights the importance of fighting for social justice and equality, even in the face of oppression and adversity. Murray was at the forefront of the civil rights movement in the mid-20th century, but the issues she fought against are still very much present in our society today. Anyone looking for inspiration and motivation to continue working towards a better future will find it in “My Name Is Pauli Murray.”

The Cast And Technical Crew

“My Name Is Pauli Murray” features a number of notable talents both in front of and behind the camera. The directors, Julie Cohen and Betsy West, are known for their thought-provoking documentaries on topics ranging from the Supreme Court to feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The cast is also a standout, with Murray’s touching letters and poetry brought to life through the voices of those who knew her well.


The film follows the trailblazing life and legacy of Pauli Murray, a gender-nonconforming lawyer, activist, poet, and priest who championed civil rights as well as women’s rights. In addition to her groundbreaking work for the NAACP and the civil rights movement, Murray also co-founded the National Organization for Women (NOW), and contributed to landmark Supreme Court decisions. It showcases her poems and heartfelt letters to friends and family members who shared her passion for equality. Ultimately, “My Name Is Pauli Murray” is a touching and inspiring ode to a fearless champion of justice and equality, whose work continues to shape the world we live in today.


“My Name Is Pauli Murray” traces the life of an extraordinary civil rights activist whose story has largely remained untold. Through the use of original footage and interviews with family members, friends, and colleagues, the film reveals Murray’s early battles with racial and gender discrimination. It covers her activism within the NAACP to secure a desegregated law school in the 1940s, her successful lawsuit to integrate the University of North Carolina, and other key moments in her career. Later, it celebrates Murray’s work as a law professor, poet, and Episcopal priest as she continued to fight for civil rights and the full inclusion of women in society.

The Review

“My Name Is Pauli Murray” is a moving and insightful documentary that provides an unflinching look into the life of one of the most important figures in civil rights history. Despite the fact that Murray’s story is not as well-known as some of her contemporaries like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gloria Steinem, the film makes an undeniable case for her enduring impact on American society. The juxtaposition of archival footage and Murray’s own poetry and writing creates a richly layered portrait of a complex and driven individual who changed the course of history. This is an important film that celebrates the power of individual action to bring about positive social change.

Characters & Performance

The film is centered around the character of Pauli Murray, whose life and legacy it explores in depth. The directors and cast do an excellent job of bringing her character to life, and the use of her own writing and poetry throughout the film only serves to deepen our understanding of her as a person. Other figures from her life, including family members, friends, and colleagues, are also featured in the film, and their perspectives help to round out the picture of Murray’s remarkable life.


“My Name Is Pauli Murray” does not rely heavily on special effects or technical wizardry, but rather on the power of its subject’s story. The archival footage and photographs used throughout the film are well-selected and add depth and texture to the narrative. The result is an intimate and engaging portrait of a person and a time, and a reminder of the power of images to connect us to history.


The soundtrack for “My Name Is Pauli Murray” is beautifully understated, with a mix of original music and historical recordings. The effect is to enhance the mood and tone of the film without ever becoming intrusive or overwhelming. The result is a score that complements the documentary perfectly, underscoring the emotions and ideas that the film explores.


The cinematography for “My Name Is Pauli Murray” is excellent, with a mix of historical and contemporary footage that helps to create a rich and textured portrait of Murray’s life. The directors make excellent use of archival photographs and documents, as well as personal interviews and more recent footage, to tell the story of a woman whose life was spent breaking down barriers.


Director Julie Cohen and Betsy West are no strangers to telling important stories through documentary film. “My Name Is Pauli Murray” is another excellent addition to their filmography, a moving and thought-provoking exploration of an important historical figure. Their direction is both guided and grounded by Murray’s own poetry and writing, creating a deeply personal and involving narrative that will resonate with viewers long after the credits have rolled.

Popular streaming platforms

“My Name Is Pauli Murray” is not yet widely available on streaming platforms, but its release in theaters is an excellent opportunity to catch this inspiring and important film on the big screen. Check your local listings to find out when and where you can see it.

How to watch “My Name Is Pauli Murray”?

You can still catch “My Name Is Pauli Murray” in theaters. Check your local listings to find out where and when it is playing near you.

Rental and Purchase Options

The film is not currently available for rental or purchase, but keep an eye on your favorite streaming services for updates.

Pricing and Available Formats

Pricing and available formats for “My Name Is Pauli Murray” will vary based on your location and preferred method of viewing. Check your local listings for availability and pricing.

Free Streaming Options

“My Name Is Pauli Murray” is not currently available to stream for free. We will update this information as more information becomes available.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

We do not condone piracy or illegal downloading of any kind. We encourage viewers to always support artists and creators by making legal purchases or rentals of the media they enjoy.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If you are unable to find a legal way to watch “My Name Is Pauli Murray” in your area, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be a useful tool. A VPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access content that may be otherwise unavailable in your country or region.


If you enjoyed “My Name Is Pauli Murray,” there are a number of other films and documentaries that explore similar themes of social justice and civil rights. Here are a few recommendations:

  • “13th” – This powerful documentary explores the history of racial inequality in the United States and the ways that the criminal justice system has been used to perpetuate that inequality over time.
  • “Selma” – Directed by Ava DuVernay, “Selma” tells the story of the 1965 voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, led by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “The Central Park Five” – This documentary tells the story of the five Black and Hispanic teenagers who were wrongly convicted of a brutal assault in Central Park in 1989.
  • “I Am Not Your Negro” – This film draws on the unfinished manuscript of James Baldwin’s book “Remember This House” to explore race relations in America.

These are just a few of the many films and documentaries that touch on themes of social justice and civil rights. We hope you’ll find them as inspiring and thought-provoking as we have.

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