How To Watch Malcolm & Marie Online At Home

Malcolm & Marie is a 2021 American black-and-white drama film directed by Sam Levinson. The movie stars John David Washington and Zendaya in the titular roles of Malcolm and Marie, respectively. The movie was released on Netflix on February 5, 2021, and was met with positive reviews from critics. In this post, we will take an in-depth look into the movie, covering everything from the plot and cast to the technical aspects such as cinematography and soundtrack, as well as options for streaming, rental, and purchase. Additionally, we will also highlight potential piracy concerns and recommend the use of VPNs to bypass geographically restricted content.


Malcolm & Marie is a story of a filmmaker (Malcolm) and his girlfriend (Marie) and their relationship crises that unfold over the course of one evening.


The movie stars John David Washington as Malcolm and Zendaya as Marie. The actors deliver compelling performances that showcase their talents at emoting and bringing to life the complicated relationship and its underlying issues.


The movie opens with Malcolm (Washington) and Marie (Zendaya) returning home from the premiere of Malcolm’s new movie. The reception is positive, and Malcolm is elated. However, Marie is distant and withdrawn, and Malcolm eventually confronts her about it. What starts as a mild disagreement turns into a heated argument as they unload their issues with each other. The movie explores the complex nature of relationships and the difficulties of communication in the modern age.


The movie’s plot is relatively straightforward, as it follows the events of a single evening between Malcolm and Marie. However, the film is not a linear narrative, with both characters engaging in non-linear conversations about their past, present, and future. The plot is driven, primarily, by the dialogue between Malcolm and Marie, as they analyze their relationship and explore their inadequacies and faults.


The movie has received widespread critical acclaim for its compelling performances, particularly from Washington and Zendaya. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and the dialogue is sharp and witty, with ample room for emotional depth and reflection. The movie tackles themes such as addiction, relationships, and communication in the context of modern media and technology.

Characters & Performance

John David Washington delivers an electrifying performance as Malcolm, a self-absorbed filmmaker who’s oblivious to his girlfriend’s needs. Zendaya, on the other hand, portrays Marie with a nuanced performance that captures both her strength and vulnerability. The interplay between the two actors is dynamic, adding tension to the drama and depth to the characters.


The movie makes great use of black-and-white cinematography, which adds a timeless quality to the film. Additionally, the movie’s lighting and camera work effectively highlight the emotions of the actors, enhancing the overall dramatic impact and creating a moody atmosphere that suits the movie’s tone.


The movie boasts an impressive soundtrack that features an eclectic mix of songs from various genres. From Frank Ocean to James Brown, the music is reflective of the characters’ music tastes and adds to the movie’s overall atmosphere and mood.


The movie’s cinematography is one of its strongest aspects. The black-and-white color palette adds a classic and timeless feel to the movie, and the use of natural lighting elevates the overall mood and atmosphere. The camera work is also exceptional, with dynamic shots that add to the drama and suspense of the story.


Sam Levinson’s direction shines in this film, with the director skillfully weaving the intimate conversations between Malcolm and Marie with more grandiose scenes that emphasize the relationship’s tumultuous nature. The pacing is perfect, and the movie’s tone is consistent throughout, never losing sight of the story’s focus.

Streaming Platforms

The movie was released on Netflix, making it easy to access for subscribers around the world.

How To

To watch Malcolm & Marie on Netflix, you’ll need a subscription to the streaming service. Once you have one, you can search for the movie on the platform and start streaming right away.

Rental and Purchase Options

The movie is also available for rent on various online platforms such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. Prices may vary depending on the platform, with Google Play offering rental options starting from $3.99.

Pricing and Available Formats

The movie’s rental prices vary depending on the platform, with HD options typically being more expensive than standard definition. The movie is available in both standard and high definition, with some platforms offering 4K Ultra HD options for added visual quality.

Free Streaming Options

While free streaming options for the movie are limited, there are various websites that claim to offer the movie for free. However, these sites are often rife with malware and other harmful files that can infect your system.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

Downloading torrents of copyrighted material is illegal and can lead to serious legal repercussions. Moreover, pirated material is often of poor quality and can contain viruses and other harmful software.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions are a significant issue for streamers looking to watch content that’s only available in certain regions. However, VPNs can bypass these restrictions, allowing you to watch content from anywhere in the world.


Malcolm & Marie is a must-watch for anyone who loves nuanced, emotionally charged dramas that offer a snapshot of modern life. The film is an excellent study of relationships and the difficulties that come with communication in the modern age. We highly recommend the movie for fans of dramas and anyone looking for excellent performances from talented actors.

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