How To Watch God’s Not Dead: We the People Online At Home

God’s Not Dead: We the People

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God's Not Dead: We the People

Brief Overview

God’s Not Dead: We the People, is a sequel to the 2014 film “God’s Not Dead”, and features Shane Harper, who plays Josh Wheaton, from the first film. The movie is all about preserving faith and religious beliefs in the midst of a changing world.


This movie is a powerful and emotional testament to the strength of faith and how it can be used as a tool for togetherness and love. It’s an incredible story of hope and conviction that will inspire you to keep dreaming and praying that something greater than yourself is watching over you.


This film reminds us all that faith is one of the most important things in our lives. We must cherish it and, quite literally, fight to defend it as the world moves on around us. This movie portrays the importance of standing up for yourself and your beliefs, even if the world disagrees with you.


  • Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton
  • David A.R. White as Reverend Dave
  • John Corbett as Tom Endler


Join Josh Wheaton and Reverend Dave as they lead a group of students on a journey to Washington D.C for a rally that will show their unwavering commitment to their faith and religious freedoms. Along the way, they face many obstacles and must fight to be heard.


The movie revolves around the concept of freedom of speech and religion. A group of students stands up for their beliefs and fights against the oppressive system of government that seeks to silence them. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the voice of faith is not silenced and that religious liberties are protected.


“God’s Not Dead: We the People” is a powerful film that truly captures the essence of what it means to be a person of faith in today’s changing world. The cast is excellent, and the film succeeds in delivering a positive message that will inspire viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Characters & Performance

The performances of the actors in the film are excellent. They deliver their lines with conviction, and their portrayal of their respective characters is nothing short of excellent.


The effects of the film are very minimal, but the messages conveyed are powerful. There aren’t any large explosions or fancy CGI present, but the pacing of the film is excellent, and it really helps to create an immersive experience for viewers.


The soundtrack of the movie is quite good. It’s subtle, but the music really complements the themes of the film. The sound design, in general, is quite good, and it helps to create a captivating experience for viewers.


The film is beautifully shot. The camera work is very well done, and the lighting is spot-on. The quality of the visuals is high, and it’s clear that the filmmakers put in a lot of effort and care into creating a visually stunning experience for viewers.


The director of the film does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the story and turning it into a powerful cinematic experience. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into every aspect of the film, from the performances to the visual elements.

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Torrenting and Piracy Warning

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VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

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Overall, “God’s Not Dead: We the People” offers an inspiring and uplifting message that everyone can enjoy. Take some time to enjoy some of the other great movies and TV shows available through the various streaming platforms, and be sure to make use of the printable calendar images to stay organized and on top of your schedule.

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