How To Watch Firestarter (2022) Online At Home

If you are a fan of Stephen King’s novels and adaptations, then you are probably excited about the release of Firestarter (2022). This movie has been rated R, so it’s certainly not for kids, but it promises to be a thrilling and intense ride for adults. If you want to know more about this movie, keep reading!

Why is Firestarter (2022) Rated R?

If you’re wondering why Firestarter (2022) has been rated R, there are a few reasons. This movie contains violence, adult language, and some disturbing images. There is also some suggestive content, which may not be suitable for all viewers. If you are sensitive to any of these things, you may want to skip this film.

Firestarter (2022) Trailer

Before we dive into the details of Firestarter (2022), let’s take a look at the trailer. This should give you a good idea of what this movie is all about.

Firestarter (2022) Trailer Screenshot

Brief Overview

Firestarter (2022) is a science fiction thriller directed by Keith Thomas. It stars Zac Efron as Andy McGee and Michael Greyeyes as John Rainbird. The film is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, which was first published in 1980. The story follows a young girl named Charlie (played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong) who has the ability to start fires with her mind. She and her father Andy are on the run from a secret government agency known as The Shop, which wants to use their powers for their own purposes.

What is Firestarter (2022) About?

Firestarter (2022) is about a girl named Charlie who has the ability to start fires with her mind. She inherited this ability from her parents, who were part of an experiment conducted by a secret government agency called The Shop. The agency wants to use Charlie’s powers for their own purposes, but her father Andy has other plans. Together, they go on the run from The Shop and must use their powers to avoid capture.


  • Zac Efron as Andy McGee
  • Michael Greyeyes as John Rainbird
  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Charlie McGee


Firestarter (2022) is a movie about a young girl named Charlie who has the ability to start fires with her mind. She inherited this ability from her parents, who were part of a secret government experiment. The agency responsible for the experiment wants to use Charlie’s powers for their own purposes, but her father Andy has other plans. Together, they go on the run from the agency and must use their powers to avoid capture.


The movie starts with a young girl named Charlie and her parents being taken to a government facility. They are part of an experiment that gives people psychic powers, including the ability to start fires with their minds. Charlie’s mother dies during childbirth, but she inherits her powers. Charlie’s father Andy is desperate to protect her from The Shop, the government agency responsible for the experiment. The Shop wants to use Charlie’s powers for their own purposes, but Andy knows they will only hurt her. He steals her from the facility and goes on the run. They meet a Native American named John Rainbird, who has his own psychic abilities. He offers to help them in exchange for the chance to study Charlie’s powers. Andy and Charlie are in a race against time to stay ahead of The Shop and keep Charlie safe.


Firestarter (2022) is a thrilling movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting is superb, especially from young Ryan Kiera Armstrong, who plays Charlie. Zac Efron is also excellent as her father, Andy. The special effects are impressive, with several scenes involving fires that look very convincing. The story is engaging and well-paced, with plenty of action to keep things interesting. Fans of Stephen King’s work will be pleased to see a faithful adaptation of one of his early novels.

Characters & Performance

Firestarter (2022) features a small cast of characters, but they are all well-developed and interesting. Ryan Kiera Armstrong is the standout as Charlie, bringing a vulnerability and strength to the character. Zac Efron is also excellent as her father, Andy, and Michael Greyeyes is suitably creepy as John Rainbird. The chemistry between Armstrong and Efron is believable and adds to the emotional impact of the story.


The effects in Firestarter (2022) are impressive. The scenes involving fires are particularly well-done, with the flames looking very real. The special effects team did an excellent job of making the psychic powers look convincing as well. The effects add to the overall atmosphere of the movie and help to create a sense of danger and excitement.


The soundtrack for Firestarter (2022) is suitably haunting and eerie. The score was composed by Michael Abels, who also composed the score for Jordan Peele’s Get Out. The music adds to the tension and suspense of the movie, highlighting the emotional beats of the story.


The cinematography in Firestarter (2022) is impressive. The movie was shot by Michael Fimognari, who also worked on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Stranger Things. The use of color and lighting add to the overall tone of the movie, with several scenes having a dreamlike quality to them.


Keith Thomas did an excellent job directing Firestarter (2022). He managed to balance the action and suspense of the story with the emotional beats, creating a well-rounded and satisfying movie. The pacing is excellent, with no lulls in the story. Thomas also did a great job working with the actors, eliciting strong performances from all involved.

Popular Streaming Platforms

If you’re interested in watching Firestarter (2022), here are some popular streaming platforms where you can find it:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu

How to Watch Firestarter (2022) at Home

If you want to watch Firestarter (2022) at home, there are several options available to you. You can rent or buy the movie on various platforms, or watch it for free if you have a subscription to a streaming service that carries it.

Rental and Purchase Options

If you want to rent or buy Firestarter (2022), you can do so on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

The rental price for Firestarter (2022) is typically around $4.99, while the purchase price is around $19.99

Pricing and Available Formats

If you want to purchase Firestarter (2022), you can do so in the following formats:

  • SD ($19.99)
  • HD ($19.99)

When you purchase the movie, you will own it forever and can watch it as many times as you like.

Free Streaming Options

If you have a subscription to one of the following streaming services, you can watch Firestarter (2022) for free:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

While it may be tempting to download Firestarter (2022) from a torrent site or other source, it’s important to remember that doing so is illegal and could result in legal consequences. Not only that, but downloading from these sites can also put your computer at risk of viruses and malware. We strongly advise against torrenting or piracy of any kind.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If you are having trouble accessing Firestarter (2022) due to geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN to mask your IP address and access the movie from a different region. However, it’s important to note that not all VPNs are created equal, and some may even slow down your internet connection. It’s best to do your research and choose a reputable VPN.


Overall, Firestarter (2022) is an excellent movie for fans of science fiction and thrillers. The acting is strong, the effects are impressive, and the story is engaging. If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend, Firestarter (2022) is definitely worth checking out.

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