How To Watch Evil Dead Rise (2023) Online At Home

Have y’all heard about Evil Dead Rise?! Oh my goodness, y’all are in for a wild ride. Now that y’all have a taste of what’s in store, let’s dive into a brief overview of this supernatural horror masterpiece.

What is Evil Dead Rise and Why Should You Watch It?

Evil Dead Rise is the third installment in the Evil Dead franchise. Directed by Lee Cronin and produced by Sam Raimi, it stars Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan as two estranged sisters who must team up to fight off a demon horde that has been unleashed upon their city. With its gore-filled scenes, bone-chilling suspense, and heart-pumping action, Evil Dead Rise is not for the faint of heart. But if y’all are a fan of horror movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, then this movie is a must-watch.


The cast of Evil Dead Rise includes:

  • Alyssa Sutherland as Beth Godwin
  • Lily Sullivan as Ellie Godwin
  • Stephen Peacocke as Dalton
  • Louis Toshio Okada as Akira
  • Jada Alberts as Josie
  • Markella Kavenagh as Olivia


Evil Dead Rise takes place in the same universe as the previous Evil Dead movies, but the story focuses on a new set of characters. Beth and Ellie Godwin are sisters who have been estranged for years due to a family feud. However, when a demonic uprising threatens their city, they must put aside their differences and team up to fight off the evil forces. With the help of a small group of survivors, they fight for their lives against the demons and try to make it to safety. Along the way, they must confront their past and learn to work together if they are going to survive.


The movie opens with a young couple exploring an old abandoned building. They stumble upon an ancient tomb and unwittingly awaken a demonic entity known as the “Necronomicon.” The demon possesses the couple and starts killing everyone in the building. The rest of the movie follows Beth and Ellie as they navigate the chaos that ensues in the city. They team up with a small group of survivors, and together, they try to make it to safety. Along the way, they must fight off demons and come face to face with their past.


Evil Dead Rise has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its intense action scenes, bone-chilling horror, and strong performances from its cast. The movie pays homage to the previous movies in the franchise while also carving out its own unique story. Fans of the previous Evil Dead movies can expect to see plenty of gore, demonic possession, and creative kill scenes. Overall, Evil Dead Rise is a must-watch for horror fans and fans of the franchise.

Characters & Performance

The standout performances in Evil Dead Rise are from Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan. Sutherland brings a tough, badass attitude to the role of Beth, while Sullivan delivers a nuanced and emotional performance as Ellie. The rest of the cast also delivers strong performances, with Stephen Peacocke and Louis Toshio Okada standing out in particular.


The special effects in Evil Dead Rise are top-notch. The movie features plenty of gore and practical effects, which make the demon attacks all the more terrifying. The demons themselves are also well-designed and look suitably scary. Overall, the effects in Evil Dead Rise help to create a sense of dread and horror that permeates the entire movie.


The soundtrack for Evil Dead Rise is suitably creepy and intense. It features a mix of atmospheric music and heavy metal, which helps to create an ominous and unsettling mood. The sound effects are also well done, adding to the overall tension and terror of the movie.


The cinematography in Evil Dead Rise is fantastic. The movie is shot in a gritty and realistic style, which adds to the sense of danger and urgency. The camera work is also well done, with plenty of dynamic and creative shots that add to the overall visual style of the movie.


Lee Cronin does an excellent job directing Evil Dead Rise. He brings a fresh, unique perspective to the franchise, while also paying homage to the previous movies. Cronin brings a sense of intensity and terror to the movie, and his direction helps to create a truly terrifying experience for the audience.

Popular Streaming Platforms

Evil Dead Rise is available to stream on a variety of platforms, including:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Vudu
  • YouTube

How To Watch Evil Dead Rise

If y’all want to watch Evil Dead Rise, there are a few different options. The easiest way to watch the movie is to stream it on one of the platforms listed above. If y’all prefer physical media, the movie is also available on Blu-ray and DVD. Y’all can find these options at most major retailers.

Rental and Purchase Options

If y’all want to rent or purchase Evil Dead Rise, most of the streaming platforms listed above offer both options. Y’all can usually rent the movie for around $3.99 and buy it for around $14.99.

Pricing and Available Formats

The pricing for Evil Dead Rise varies depending on the platform and format you choose. Here is a breakdown of the pricing and formats:

  • Streaming Rental: $3.99
  • Streaming Purchase: $14.99
  • Blu-ray: $19.99
  • DVD: $14.99

Free Streaming Options

Unfortunately, there are no legal options for streaming Evil Dead Rise for free at this time. Y’all will need to rent or purchase the movie if y’all want to watch it.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

We do not condone or support the illegal downloading or streaming of movies. Piracy is a crime, and it harms the artists and creators who work hard to make the movies that we love. If y’all want to watch Evil Dead Rise, please do so through legal means.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If y’all are having trouble accessing Evil Dead Rise because of geo-restrictions, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help. A VPN will allow y’all to mask your IP address and access the movie from a different location. However, we do not condone the use of VPNs to illegally access movies or other content.


If y’all enjoyed Evil Dead Rise, we recommend checking out some of these other great horror movies:

  • The Evil Dead (1981)
  • Evil Dead II (1987)
  • Army of Darkness (1992)
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So, what are y’all waiting for?! Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready to scream your heads off with Evil Dead Rise.

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