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Dream Horse – A Heartwarming Story of Triumph and Perseverance

Dream Horse stars Toni Collette as Jan Vokes, a Welsh bartender who convinces her community to invest in a racehorse. The film also features Owen Teale, Damian Lewis, and Nicholas Farrell.

Brief Overview

Dream Horse is based on the true story of Jan Vokes and her efforts to breed, train, and race a thoroughbred. Despite its humble origins, Dream Alliance goes on to achieve great success and becomes a local legend in the process.


In a small Welsh town, a group of working-class friends decide to pool their resources and breed a racehorse. The unlikely hero is a mare named Rewbell, and the group feels that they can improve her bloodline by mating her with a hotshot stallion. However, it quickly becomes apparent that breeding and training a racehorse is an expensive and risky endeavor. The group has to make sacrifices and overcome obstacles if they want to see their dream come true.


Jan Vokes is a bartender in a depressed Welsh town where most of her patrons are coal miners. She’s looking for a way to add some excitement to her life when she comes upon a flyer for a horse racing syndicate. Despite knowing nothing about horse racing, Jan becomes intrigued and starts to research the subject. She eventually convinces her friends and coworkers to pool their resources and invest in a racehorse.

Jan and her husband Brian reach out to a local breeder and purchase a mare named Rewbell. Despite her lack of racing pedigree, they believe that she has the potential to produce a successful racehorse. They also manage to secure a stud date with a top stallion, which they hope will give their foal an edge.

The foal, which they name Dream Alliance, is born and raised in a makeshift stable behind Jan and Brian’s house. The group takes turns feeding, grooming, and training the young horse. Dreams of Racing glory arise as Dream Alliance grows up. However, they soon realize that training and racing a horse is a costly and complex endeavor they must raise money to keep their dreamalive.

The group sets their sights on national hunt racing as their ultimate goal since this will provide the best opportunity for them to make money. Despite some initial setbacks, including a disappointing performance in the horse’s first race, the group remains dedicated and determined to see Dream Alliance succeed.

Dream Alliance eventually gets his chance to prove himself in a big race at the Cheltenham Festival. Against all odds, he wins in a thrilling photo finish, becoming a local hero in the process. However, tragedy soon strikes when the horse is injured in a subsequent race. The group must once again pull together and make a difficult choice to save their beloved Dream Alliance.

Dream HorseReview

Dream Horse is a feel-good movie that will appeal to anyone who loves an inspirational true story. The film does an excellent job of capturing the excitement and drama of horse racing, as well as the sense of community that can come from shared achievement. Toni Collette is fantastic as Jan, bringing a lot of heart and grit to the role. The supporting cast is also excellent, and the film features some stunning racing sequences.

At the same time, Dream Horse runs the risk of feeling formulaic and predictable at times. The story follows a familiar arc, and some of the characters can feel a bit one-dimensional. While these criticisms may be valid, they are more than outweighed by the film’s many charms. Dream Horse is a rousing crowd-pleaser that will leave you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

Characters & Performance

Toni Collette is the heart and soul of Dream Horse, giving a performance that is both grounded and nuanced. Jan is a complex character, and Collette does an excellent job of bringing her to life. She portrays Jan’s determination and grit as well as her vulnerability and doubts. The supporting cast is also strong, with Damian Lewis delivering an understated but effective turn as Jan’s husband Brian.


While Dream Horse is not a special effects-heavy film, there are some impressive sequences that capture the excitement and power of horse racing. The cinematography is excellent, and the film does a good job of showcasing the majestic beauty of the horses.


The soundtrack of Dream Horse is unobtrusive but effective. The film uses a mix of contemporary and classic songs, along with a beautiful score that complements the visuals nicely. The music adds to the emotional impact of the film, particularly during the climactic racing sequences.


The cinematography of Dream Horse is excellent, with some stunning landscapes and horse racing sequences. The film does an excellent job of showcasing the beauty and power of horses, while also capturing the gritty reality of life in a working-class Welsh town.


Director Euros Lyn does an excellent job of bringing the story to the screen, balancing the film’s emotional beats with the thrilling racing sequences. He brings out excellent performances from the cast, showcasing their chemistry and camaraderie. Lyn also captures the beauty of the Welsh countryside, adding to the film’s visual impact.

Popular Streaming Platforms

Dream Horse is currently available to watch on various streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. It is also available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and other digital storefronts.

How to Watch Dream Horse

There are several ways to watch Dream Horse, depending on your preference. If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix, you can watch the film as part of your subscription. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase the film on digital storefronts such as iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

Rental and Purchase Options

If you choose to rent or purchase Dream Horse, you can do so on various digital storefronts. The film is available to rent for a one-time fee, or you can purchase it outright for unlimited viewing. The rental or purchase price may vary depending on the platform you choose.

Pricing and Available Formats

The rental price for Dream Horse varies depending on the platform you choose, but it typically ranges from $3.99 to $5.99. The purchase price for the film is usually around $14.99. The film is available in HD and SD quality, depending on your preference.

Free Streaming Options

While Dream Horse is not currently available to stream for free, some streaming platforms offer free trials that you can use to watch the film. However, be sure to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends if you do not want to be charged.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning

We do not condone or endorse illegal downloading or streaming of movies. Piracy is a serious crime that can result in severe legal consequences, including fines and jail time. Instead, we encourage you to watch Dream Horse through legitimate channels to support the filmmakers and actors who brought this wonderful film to life.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions

If you live in a country where Dream Horse is not available, you can use a VPN to access geo-restricted content. A VPN can mask your IP address and allow you to connect to a server in a different country, giving you access to the content that would otherwise be restricted.


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