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Welcome to our latest film review! Today, we’ll be taking a look at “A Chiara,” a 2022 movie directed by Jonas Carpignano and starring newcomer Kalliopeia Sándor in the titular role. Read on for our thoughts on this thought-provoking drama.


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Brief Overview:

“A Chiara” tells the story of a young girl named Chiara, who lives in a poor southern Italian village with her family. When her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, Chiara becomes determined to find out what happened to him, despite the fact that no one in the village seems to want to talk about it. As she uncovers uncomfortable truths about her community and her own family, Chiara is forced to confront some difficult questions about trust, loyalty, and the power dynamics at play in her world.


“A Chiara” is a thoughtful and atmospheric drama that explores some weighty themes, including poverty, corruption, and the ways in which social structures can perpetuate cycles of violence and exploitation. The film is a slow burn, taking its time to build up tension and create a sense of ominous foreboding that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.


This is a film that will stick with you long after the credits roll. While “A Chiara” may not be the most accessible or easy-to-watch film out there, it’s definitely worth the effort for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking dramas that challenge the viewer to think critically about their own assumptions and biases. If you’re looking for a movie that will leave you with a lot to chew on and a lot to discuss with your friends, “A Chiara” is definitely worth your time.


Kalliopeia Sándor gives a standout performance as Chiara, imbuing the character with a quiet strength and determination that makes her a compelling protagonist to follow. The supporting cast is also strong, with Francesco Colella standing out as Chiara’s loyal and steadfast best friend and Alida Baldari Calabria bringing a lot of depth to her portrayal of Chiara’s mother.


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Chiara is a curious and intelligent young girl who lives in a poor Italian village with her family. She spends her days studying and playing with her best friend, a boy named Salvatore. One day, Chiara’s beloved older brother Giovanne disappears without a trace. Despite her parents’ attempts to keep her in the dark and the local authorities’ seeming lack of interest in the case, Chiara becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her brother.

As she starts to dig into the matter, however, Chiara uncovers some uncomfortable truths about her community and the people she thought she could trust. She learns that the village is more corrupt and dangerous than she ever could have imagined, and that even her own family may be complicit in what happened to Giovanne.

Undeterred, Chiara continues to investigate, even as her own safety is put at risk. In the end, she uncovers more than just the truth about her brother’s disappearance: she learns some hard lessons about power, betrayal, and the nature of justice in a world that is often cruel and unjust.


“A Chiara” is a slow-burning drama that takes the viewer on a haunting journey through a harsh and unforgiving landscape. The film is deliberately paced, taking the time to build up a sense of dread and tension that only gets more pronounced as it goes along.

At its core, the plot of “A Chiara” is a mystery story: where did Giovanne go, and why? As Chiara tries to answer these questions, however, she finds herself confronted with deeper and more systemic issues that run far deeper than her brother’s disappearance alone. The film is a powerful indictment of the ways in which social inequality and corruption can perpetuate cycles of violence and harm, even among people who are ostensibly on the same side.


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“A Chiara” is a haunting and evocative film that will stay with you long after you’ve finished watching it. Director Jonas Carpignano has a knack for creating tension and atmosphere, and this movie is no exception: from the opening shot, you get a sense of the world that Chiara inhabits, and how difficult it is for her to find her way in it.

One of the strongest aspects of “A Chiara” is its sense of place. The film takes its time to show us the landscape of southern Italy, with its rundown homes, winding alleyways, and unforgiving seaside cliffs. Through Carpignano’s deft direction and the striking cinematography of Tim Curtin, we get a sense of the beauty and harshness of this world, and how it shapes the lives of the people who live in it.

Another strong point of “A Chiara” is Kalliopeia Sándor’s performance as the titular character. Sándor is a newcomer to the acting world, but you wouldn’t know it from watching this film. She has an intense and magnetic screen presence that makes it impossible to look away from her, even in the film’s quieter moments.

Overall, “A Chiara” is a film that demands your attention and your engagement. It’s not an easy movie to watch, by any means: it deals with some harrowing subject matter, and it doesn’t always provide easy answers. However, if you’re willing to give it a chance, you’ll find that it’s a rewarding and thought-provoking experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left the theater.

Characters & Performance:

Kalliopeia Sándor is undeniably the heart and soul of “A Chiara.” As the film’s protagonist, she carries the weight of the narrative on her shoulders, and she does so with remarkable skill and nuance. Sándor’s performance is a masterclass in understated acting, conveying a complex range of emotions without ever resorting to melodrama or overacting.

The supporting cast is also strong, with Francesco Colella adding some much-needed comic relief as Chiara’s best friend Salvatore. Alida Baldari Calabria is excellent as Chiara’s mother, conveying a lot of depth and complexity in her performance without ever becoming too showy.


While “A Chiara” is not a special effects-heavy movie by any means, there are some impressive visual moments to be found here. The film’s cinematography, in particular, is striking, with Tim Curtin using light and shadow to create a sense of foreboding throughout. The sound design is also noteworthy, with the ambient noises of the village and the score by Dan Romer combining to create a sense of unease throughout.


As mentioned above, the film’s score by Dan Romer is a standout feature. The music is haunting and atmospheric, with Romer using a mix of traditional Italian instruments and electronic elements to create a soundscape that is equal parts beautiful and unsettling.

Overall, the soundtrack is a major part of “A Chiara’s” success, helping to create a sense of place and mood that enhances the film’s themes and narrative.


Tim Curtin’s cinematography is a major highlight of “A Chiara.” He does a masterful job of capturing the harsh beauty of the Italian landscape, using light and shadow to create a sense of foreboding and unease throughout the film. The camera work is always precise and deliberate, with Curtin’s images conveying a great deal of emotion and meaning even when the characters themselves are silent.


Jonas Carpignano is a gifted director with a clear vision for his films, and “A Chiara” is no exception. He does a masterful job of creating tension and atmosphere throughout, using a mix of visual and aural elements to create a sense of unease and foreboding that permeates the entire film. Carpignano’s direction is patient and deliberate, allowing the story and characters to unfold at their own pace while always keeping the audience engaged.

Popular Streaming Platforms:

“A Chiara” is not currently streaming on any major platforms as of this writing. However, it may be available for rental or purchase on your preferred digital storefront (such as iTunes or Amazon).

How to:

If you’re interested in renting or purchasing “A Chiara,” you can do so through your preferred digital storefront. Simply search for the movie, select the format that works best for you (such as SD, HD, or 4K), and complete the transaction. Once you’ve done so, the movie should be available for streaming or download through the storefront’s app or website.

Rental and Purchase Options:

As mentioned above, “A Chiara” may be available for rental or purchase on your preferred digital storefront. Pricing may vary depending on the format you choose and the region where you live. At the time of this writing, the movie is available for rental at $4.99 and for purchase at $14.99 on Amazon.

Free Streaming Options:

“A Chiara” is not currently available for free streaming on any major platforms as of this writing. However, it’s always possible that this could change in the future. If you’re interested in streaming “A Chiara” for free, it’s worth keeping an eye on subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime to see if the movie becomes available in the future.

Torrenting and Piracy Warning:

We do not condone or support piracy in any form. It is against the law and harms the creators and distributors of the media you enjoy. If you choose to pirate “A Chiara” or any other movie or television show, you are breaking the law and putting yourself at risk of legal consequences. Additionally, when you pirate media, you’re likely to end up with a lower-quality version of the content that may contain malware or other security threats. We strongly encourage you to support creators and distributors by paying for their work through legitimate channels.

VPNs for Geo-Restrictions:

If you’re traveling or living in a region where “A Chiara” is not currently available for streaming or purchase, you may be able to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the movie through a different region’s digital storefront. However, we do not endorse or condone the use of VPNs for illegal or unethical purposes. If you choose to use a VPN to access “A Chiara,” you do so at your own risk and in violation of the terms of service for most major streaming platforms.


If you enjoyed “A Chiara” and are looking for similar movies to watch, we’d recommend checking out “Gomorrah,” “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” or “The Wonders.” All of these films deal with similar themes of poverty, corruption, and social inequality, and they all use strong visuals and atmospheres to create compelling stories that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Thank you for taking the time to read our review of “A Chiara.” We hope you found it informative and helpful, and we encourage you to seek out the movie for yourself and form your own opinions. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy watching!

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