Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July, 2017 Written Update YHM: Aadi gets irritated by Aaliya and Nikhil


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July, 2017 Full Episode written update: Here is YHM 7th July, 2017 written update with Spoilers. The episode aired in TV Channels along with HotStar. However, to watch the episode live when aired, you need to have HotStar Premium.

Serial: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Air date: 7th July, 2017

Episode Name: Aadi, Aaliya mein teesra kaun? (Who’s the third one between Aadi and Aaliya?)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2017 written update with spoilers

Recap: The last episode ended with Aaliya meeting someone new and he holds Aaliya’s hand. Aaliya remembers that he is an old friend.

Today: Aaliya remembers his old friend, hugs him and introduces him to Aadi as Nikhil, her collage senior. Nikhil tells a Shayari to Aaliya and she smiles. Then they both say that they want to talk so many things with each other and walk out. This makes Aadi uncomfortable.

Ishita and Ruhi talk about Pihu. Ruhi asks ‘Did Pihu sleep?’ and Ishita replies saying that she is with her Papa and looked normal today. Ishita then adds that she never observed Pihu looking so scared after coming from School. Ruhi says that she will take Pihu to school everyday. Ruhi then asks, ‘How is Aadi?’ for which Ishita replies with ‘They are enjoying their pub life’.

Aaliya and Nikhil keep on talking making Aadi more uncomfortable. Nikhil is drunk and tells Aaliya that she became Parvati for which she replies that she loves her Patidev. Aadi tells that we should drop Nikhil at his hotel but Aaliya says ‘How can we drop him, he is not even able to stand up?’. Aadi comments that she is getting habits of social service by staying with Ishita. Nikhil then stands up and falls on floor creating a scene.

Raman and Ishita talk about Shagun as they want to give her another chance. Ishita wants to congratulate Shagun for her good work and patch up with her again. Raman asks Ishita to keep him out of this and walks out meeting Bala at his corridor with Kiran. He greets both of them saying what a pleasant surprise it is. All of them agree to the plan and Bala says that felicitating Shagun will be a good way to patch up and knowing her, it’s a win-win situation. Raman asks why Ishita is supporting Shagun now and she replies that she really liked her presentation in launch work and she will also patch up with Aaliya again. Raman and kiran leave asking if they should drop Bala at their packaging unit and he replies that he’ll manage by himself.

Aadi and Aaliya take Nikhil to their hotel and next morning, Aadi doesn’t find Aaliya by her side after waking up. He then sees Nikhil and Aaliya coming from a walk and having a good time. Aaliya tells Aadi that the weather is so good outside, they had cutting chai and he should’ve come along. Aadi then asks why didn’t they wake him up and Aaliya replies that she didn’t want to wake him up. Nikhil then adds that the tea vendor thought that they both are a married couple. Aaliya and Nikhil burst out laughing. Aadi asks what’s funny. Aaliya tells that they both acted out like pregnant wife and husband to get a PG in Australia. They both again burst out laughing and Aadi doesn’t feel funny. Aadi then tells that he has to take Aaliya out and she replies to Nikhil asking him to have some sleep and tell if he wants anything. Aadi is upset.

Pihu is in school and the Peon is checking all the student’s bags for mobile phones. They obtain one from Pihu’s bag and the teacher punishes Pihu by holding her ears and makes her stand outside classroom. A girl smiles in the background. Ruhi notices this and asks teacher ‘What’s the matter?’. She asks her teacher to check whose phone it is and it is Riya’s phone. The matter is left there and Ruhi understands that Riya is troubling Pihu.

Aadi tells Aaliya that he is leaving for a meeting and Aaliya asks why he lied to Nikhil about going out. Aadi replies that Nikhil is spoiling our honeymoon and he wants him to move. Aaliya replies that he is good at heart and is a good friend of hers. Aadi dismisses the talk by telling ‘Yes, Ishita sent us here to help people’.

Ishita calls Shagun to talk to her about the project but she doesn’t lift the call. Ishita then tells Mani about the situation. Mani then calls Shagun and tells her about the felicitation and Ishita wanting to patch up. Shagun replies that she didn’t know that Ishita likes her and she doesn’t know if she want to meet. Mani however convinces Shagun to meet Ishita for the felicitation.

Precap: Ishita tells Raman that Shagun agreed for meeting. Raman tells that she may reject to receive the guest of honour. Riya locks Pihu in school bathroom. Pihu shouts for help.






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