Google And Walmart Partner For Voice Shipping On Google Express.

The internet giant Google and retail market leader Walmart shook their hands to compete with the E-commerce king Amazon. Here are few details regarding the partnership of Walmart with Google and how Google assistant will work to place orders online.


Google And Walmart Partner For E-commerce:

Google the internet giant and Walmart the leader in retail marketing have announced a partnership on Tuesday to make the retail products of Walmart available on the Google’s shopping mall.

Walmart partners with Google
Walmart partners with Google

Google To Compete With Amazon:

Google is following the concept of “enemy’s enemy is a friend” . This is the reason why Google has partnered with Walmart compete Amazon, the leading e-commerce platform in the world.

Google in E-Commerce
Google in E-Commerce

We all know about that the Alexa in the Amazon, which lets you order things using voice commands, The Alexa is a big milestone in the industry of e-commerce as it took the process of ordering things online to completely another level.

Amazon's Alexa
Amazon’s Alexa

How Does The E-Commerce Partnership Work ?

According to the two companies Walmart and Google, they will be working on offering hundreds of thousands of products online for voice shipping via Google assistant by September.

Google Voice Assistant
Google Voice Assistant

This is the first time for Walmart to sell their products using a outside platform. Amazon has effected the online sales of Walmart and after announcement about the retails stores of Amazon in US the sales of Walmart has decreased even further.

This is why Walmart decided to pair with Google to sell goods via online by integrating Google Express. Google on the other hand wanted to expand its reach in e-commerce field.

Google and Walmart to sell products online
Google and Walmart to sell products online


Even though the two companies have paired to challenge Amazon, it will be hard for them to over come the success of it. Amazon is the first choice for most of the people to buy products online.

Let’s see how this will workout to brick and mortar store Walmart. Stay tuned to Filmetriks for more business updates

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