PM Narendra Modi meets US President Donald Trump: On June 25-26th India Prime Minister Narendra Modi meet with US President Donald Trump. Many people are very anxiety on there meeting and what discussions did they held while there meeting. Are you searching for Highlights of Pm Narendra Modi meets US President Donald Trump then you have came to right place.  Here in this post we have given all the discussions held between PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump.

PM Narendra Modi meets US President Donald Trump Key Points:

  1. US President Donald Trump had said that “It is great privilege to invite great democratic leader in the world to our country. India is rich in culture and traditions our Tie’s are not better and stronger than India’s Culture and Traditions”.
  2. And Donald Trump had praised Narendra Modi by Saying ” PN Narendra Modi and I are great leaders in Social Media”.
  3. India os very fasting growing country. It is hard to catch up our speed. India had big vision for improving infrastructure and fighting corruption, US President Trump told PM Nrendra Modi.
  4. Both the nations are in deep problem with terror attack. Trump had said that Bot the nations India and US are trying to Stop terror attack in the nations.
  5. PM Narendra Modi had Invited Trump’s daughter Ivanka to lead US delegation to the global entrepreneurship in India and she accepted Modi’s Proposal.
PM Narendra Modi meets US President Donald Trump

Eliminating terrorism is among the topmost priorities for us” said by Modi to Media after there meeting. Trump and US first lady Melania had welcomed PM Modi to White House and Trump Shook hands with PM Modi. There had some funny conversation between them when they shook hands.

And PM Modi had said to Media that ” The way the Trump welcomed me with respect, I’m very grateful. This shows their respect not for me but for 125 crore Indians”.

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