Anantapur TDP MP Diwakar Reddy Banned from 3 Airlines: One June 15th Anantapur TDP MP Diwakar Reddy was banned by 3 airlines Indi-Go, Spiceget and Air India. MP Diwakar Reddy has done some miss behaviour in Vishakapatnam Airport. Thiese is the second time MP Diwakar Reddy banned from Airlines. In 2016 at Gannavaram MP Diwakar Reddy had damaged some furniture at Gannavaram Airport now in Vishakapatnam Airport he damages some electronic goods in Airport.

As per Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) passengers should attend Airport before 45 minutes from there flight timings. But on June 15th MP Diwakar Reddy went to Vishakapatnam Airport 30 Minutes and Airport superior officers had stopped MP Diwakar Reddy to flight because he is late. As MP Diwakar Reddy is very aggressive he damaged printer which belongs to Airport. Not only he is aggressive at Airport he has shown his angry to Andra Pradesh CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. And with influence of Union Minister MP Diwakar Reddy was again in Flight.

MP Diwakar Reddy

One customs staff has informed to Media about MP Diwakar Reddy miss behaviour in Airport. In Andra Pradesh TDP Party leaders are beign very popular in Social Media few months back Jaleel Khan TDP MLA who was being much popular in Social media by his one word “ Physics” Not only Jaleel Khan Nara Lokesh who is IT Minister of AP he had also became popular in Social Media. Now MP Diwakar Reddy miss behaviour in Airport is captured in CC Cameras of Airport now in few days MP Diwakar Reddy will be popular in Social Media.

With the help of Union Minister MP Diwakar Reddy had went to his town when he reached home he heard the news that “MP Diwakar Reddy is banned by Indigo Flights for 3 Months”. No only IndiGo after some time Spicejet and Air India also Banned MP Diwakar Reddy for 3 months.


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