Veera Sivaji Review: Veera Sivaji is a new Tamil Movie releasing on December 16th 2016. After many postpones production unit has decided to release Veera Sivaji Movie. Veera Sivaji is an Action Comedy Movie directed by Ganesh Vinayaka. Veera Sivaji is the second movie for the both Directer and Actor in Tamil movie industry. After ‘Wagah’ Veera Sivaji is the second movie for Vikram Prabhu. For Director Ganesh Vinayaka Veera Sivaji is also second movie in Tamil Film industry after Thagaraaru. Thagaraaru released in the year 2013. For Thagaraaru it has got good and positive talks by Critics. After Thagaraaru Veera Sivaji is the film directed by Ganesh Vinayaka. For Vikram Prabhu, Veera Sivaji is the second movie after ‘Wagah’. Wagah has not got a positive review by Critics.

Veera Sivaji Review:

Directer: Ganesh Vinayak
Producer: S. Nandagopal
Writer: Ganesh Vinayak
Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Shamili
Music Directer: D. Imman
Cinematography: M. Sukumar
Editer: Ruben
Production company: Madras Enterprises
Distributer: Sri Thenandal Films
Release dates: December 16, 2016


Vikram Prabhu as Sivaji
Shamili as Anjali
Robo Shankar as Suresh
Yogi Babu as Ramesh
VTV Ganesh as Security Officer


In the month of July 2015 Veera Shivaji Movie had started. Producer S. Nandagopal  had officially announced that his next movie was again directed by Ganesh Vinayaka. Vikram Prabhu and Shamili had done good job in Veera Sivaji movie. Baby Shamili is playing a main female lead role in Veera Sivaji Move. Veera Sivaji is the first movie for Shamili in Tamil Film Industry.

Veera Sivaji Story:

Veera Sivaji is a Action-Comedy movie released on December 16th 2016. The movie story rotates around Hero Vikram Prabhu who is playing a role as Sivaji and Villain Yogi Babu playing role as Ramesh. Ramesh and Sivaji has some Crime business in City. Hero falls love with heroin Anjali.  Shamili is the girl playing Anjali character in Veera Sivaji Movie. At last Anjali accept the proposal of Sivaji with a condition thathe should leave all the crime business. Shivaji leaves all the illegal activities. But Ramesh kills Shivaji friend as the revenge Shivaji Tracks all the information about ramesh and ends his life.

Veera Sivaji Rating:

The story and direction of Ganesh Vinayaka is excellent and the actor Vikram Prabhu acted well in the movie. Critics has given positive talk on this movie Veera Sivaji. Some of the comedy scenes and sentiment scenes has Projected well by Directed Ganesh Vinayaka.

Plus points:

  1. Story
  2. Acting
  3. Music/BGM
  4. Direction

Box Office Collections:

Finally Veera Sivaji has got 3 rating out of 5(3/5). Veera Sivaji Box Office Collections will be above average and can be expected up to collecting more than 70 Lakhs on the first day of release.. Veera Sivaji Movie had released on December 16th 2016.

Movie: Veera Sivaji

Language: Tamil

Veera Sivaji Rating: 3/5

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