Tum bin 2 is the sequel to Tum Bin which was released back in 2001 and was a decent hit. The previous film was a big hit among romance seeking film audience and now, Tum bin 2 is being released again as a romantic drama. Tum bin 2 is a romantic drama that explores the concepts of love and betrayal. Tum bin 2 is written and directed by Anubhav Sinha and is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar and Anubhav Sinha. The film stars Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati in lead roles. Listen to Tum bin 2- Teri Fariyad below!!

Tum bin 2 review:

Tum bin 2 movie is a romantic drama which essentially needs love in the film and love in the characters. Tum bin 2 is a triangular love story about Neha Sharma and her 2 lovers and how situations make her love each other. Kanwalijit Singh and Mouni Roy play the roles of supporting character and cameo appearance respectively. The songs for Tum bin 2 were released a few weeks back and received a massive response from the audience for it’s melodious tunes composed by Ankit Tiwari. Since then, many people are waiting for Tum bin 2 review, so that they can watch the romantic love drama in the theaters.

Tum bin 2 movie story:

The movie is a triangular love story between Neha Sharma and the other two leads. Though, Neha Sharma is happily in relation with a guy, the other guy comes into the picture and the whole film revolves between the emotional conflicts between the main characters with some ear pleasing melodies.

The story is a basic setup with a guy, a flashback with another guy and the present moment with both the guys.

Tum bin 2 rating 2/5 stars:

Tum bin 2 has it’s major attraction in it’s beautiful melodies and BGMs that make the movie look beautiful. ┬áBut every movie has some flaws and Tum bin 2 has some. The outdoor scenes in some locations fake and the cinematography is a bit let down in some scenes. The story isn’t also new to the 2016 movie fanatics. Neha Sharma is the main point of the film and she has come a far better way in acting. While the acting levels of the other two main leads wasn’t that believable, Neha Sharma pulls it off quite good. There are supporting characters in the movie who doesn’t hold a weight in the whole story.

Overall, Tum bin 2 is a well made movie but unfortunately, it couldn’t beat it’s predecessor.

Final rating: ┬áTum bin 2 neither makes you emotional nor feel for the characters. It just tells a story that won’t matter for you or for the movie itself.

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