Saansein is a new bollywood movie releasing on November 11th 2016. Saansein is Horror Movie after Raaz Reboot Saansein is another Horror Movie in bollywood.  Rajiv S Ruia is a Bollywood Director and he directed many movies like My Friend Ganesha and Koi Hoi. In 2001, he started his carrier as Director and the first film he directed was Koi Hoi.

Saansein Review:

Starring: Rajneesh Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria, Vishal Malhotra, Sachi Ruia, Hiten Tejwani, Amir Dalvi, Neetha Shetty.
Director: Rajiv S Ruia
Screenplay: Shiraz Ahmad & Ram Patil
Producer:  Vivek Agarwal & Goutam Jain
Music:  Vivek Kar
Distributor: GPA Productions
Production Company: GPA Productions
Editor: Shree Narayan singh
Official Released Date: 11 November 2016

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Running Time: 136 minutes


Rajneesh Duggal as Abhay
Sonarika Bhadoria as Shirin
Vishal Malhotra as Deewan
Sachi Ruia as Aditi
Hiten Tejwani as C.K. Bir
Amir Dalvi as Shubrat
Neetha Shetty as Tanya

Saansein Movie Review:

Vivek Kar is the music director for this movie. His Previous movie was One Night Stand and now he had composed music for Saansein. In Saasein Vivek Kar had composed total 6 music tracks they are,

Mera Ishq
Tum Jo Mile
Tum Ho Mere
Dil Yeh Khamakha
Dil Yeh Khamakha Revisited

Music of Saasein has got nice response in audience. Arjith Sing had sung Mera Ishq in Saansein and Arman Malik had sung Tum Jo mile in Saansein. Among 6 tracks, 2 tracks of Saansein are good and they are Mera Ishq an Tum Jo Mile.

Saansein Movie Story:

Shirin is the main lead role in Saansein Movie. Shirin is a singer in a club. And the Club Name is Mauritius. It is one of the best Club in city. Many people come to this club because of Shirin. Shirin is beautiful and she is a good singer. Daily she will Perform in the club. She would only come to the club and Perform and she will disappears she would not talk to anyone in the club if anyone follows her from the club they will meet a horrible fate. Then after some day Abhay enters to the club and fall love with Shirin. And the remaining story deals with what is the secret that Shirin hides to Abhay and does Abhay manage to bring in peace in Shirin Life.


  • Two Music tracks in Saansein


  • Story
  • Direction

Saansein Rating 2/5 stars

After Raaz Reboot, Saansein is another Horror Movie which does not stand before the box Office. Saansein Rating is 2 out of 5. Director of Seensein, Rajiv S Ruia had did not show what he wanted to show on screen. All the horror scenes in Saansein didn’t work and the story is predictable by seeing the Trailer.

Final Tagline: Saansein-The Last breath is another no scare-horror movie that’d be better avoided for a better evening.

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